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Boost your company’s efficiency and enhance productivity with a masterclass delivered directly to your organization’s preferred location.

Salvo Global provides on-site courses with subject-matter experts that can deliver customized quality trainings to meet your organization’s needs, budget, program schedules, and business goals.

Why Train In-House?

Apart from the engaging, high-quality hands-on course that you can expect from us, our in-house training provide other benefits, including:

  • Cut down organisation’s expenses by eliminating travel cost and reducing per head training investment, maxisming your training budget
  • Customise agenda to specific needs of organisations allowing organisations to focus on key concerns and needs
  • Workplace consultation can be conducted to further ensure the programs are hands on and practical, so employees can apply to their job immediately

Learn from the World’s Greatest Trainers

Our subject-matter experts are constantly up-to-date with current best practices in the courses they teach, as they continue to spend time working on real-world industry applications. They are adept consultants and are able to communicate technical and complex ideas clearly and coherently.

Measure Your Post-Course Success

After the training, we conduct an end-of-course evaluation to ensure your team is ready to apply their newly gained skills. It gives you with the opportunity to assess the effectiveness of your team’s training and see how much you have attained from your training investment.

How can you make it happen?

Contact us by email, phone, or the inquiry form and let us know:

  • What would you like the course to focus on?
  • Where would you like the training to take place and when?
  • How many members of your team would you like to train?
  • What level of experience does your team have?

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