What’s New with Virtual Employee Engagement?

Join our COMPLIMENTARY WEBINAR to explore the changes and see what’s new with employee engagement.


In many countries, high percentages of workers are working from home or from other remote locations to reduce the spread of the coronavirus. But remote work poses unique challenges. Research on people who work from home indicates that people must deal with:

  • Setting consistent routines
  • Minimizing distractions
  • Finding consistent places to work
  • Managing technology
  • Maintaining communication and social relationships with managers and co-workers
  • Managing self to overcome feelings of isolation

How can these challenges be addressed, and what do they have to do with engagement? What special issues are created by virtual engagement? How can engagement be tailored to ensure people feel better by working from home, feel “in the flow” when they work from home, and gain feelings of helping others while working from home? This complimentary 1-hr webinar, exclusively offered to Salvo’s clients will address these questions.

Key Objectives

Upon completing the session, participants will be able to:

  • Define employee engagement
  • Describe what is unique about virtual employee engagement
  • List special challenges posed by work from home and how it relates to employee engagement
  • Describe strategies to build and preserve a high engagement culture when work is done from home

Targeted Audience

  • Hourly workers
  • Managers and supervisors
  • C-suite executives
  • HR professionals
  • OD professionals
  • Training/learning professionals

Event Details

Complimentary Webinar

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