Finance for Non-Finance Professionals

Most professionals want a better grasp of the key terminology and concepts of accounting and finance, combined with practical tools and techniques to deliver tangible improvements in their organisation. Throughout the program, delegates will work on their personal action plan to identify the practical application of the program in their organisation. This program focuses on the work of managers helping to identify opportunities to improve their organisation’s performance and present convincing businesses cases. This programme introduces some of these ideas and develops them, so that delegates can identify some practical new approaches which they can realistically take back into their own businesses.

Salvo Global’s interactive workshop uses a mixture of exercises, discussion, and real-life case studies to keep the training lively and relevant.

Throughout the program, delegates will be encouraged to bring their own practical issues and case studies, to build an action plan, listing the positive action they are going to do when they get back to their business to actively apply and develop their knowledge of finance.

Top Learning Objectives

  • Develop the confidence to read and understand company accounts
  • Implement strategies, tools, and techniques to assess projects and their profitability
  • Master Net Present Value techniques
  • Integrate cost considerations within the organization
  • Acquire a toolbox of financial mathematics and calculations
  • Master modern costing techniques for budgeting
  • Implement forecasting tools where applicable and save time where not
  • Apply qualitative and quantitative forecasting tools and techniques to evaluate and stay ahead of financial risks affecting the organization

Who Should Attend?

  • This programme is specially designed for professionals, managers, and executives from all functions who have no formal training in finance and accounting but need to understand and interpret financial statements to carry out their work responsibilities more effectively.

Trainer's Background

  • Over 25 years of experience in consulting and training for financial management, accounting, budgeting, and cost management professionals in Asia, US, Europe, and Middle East.
  • Well versed in quantitative techniques with a strong academic and practical background in financial markets and an expert in risk management methodological frameworks across the different categories of risk management across the different categories of risk.

This course will be conducted in french language


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“Good Risk Management expertise. Understanding of a broad range of trading/banking
book exposures and FSA procedures.”