World-class Compliance Management

Compliance is no longer a technical discipline that is focused just on complying with the narrow confines of the law. A compliance manager that remains focused on just the technical aspects of legal compliance is unlikely to gain influence in the Executive Suite or Boardroom. Compliance has moved firmly into the mainstream of governance and risk management. The influential Head of Compliance needs to be able to match their management skills and methods with those of their C-level counterparts. If they do not present compliance as a broad management discipline, utilizing all the business, risk and project management skills, they are unlikely to be taken seriously.

Regulators and other stakeholders, such as credit and investment rating agencies, are demanding to see that organizations have effective compliance risk management, effective compliance governance, and can demonstrate that they are driving a strong compliance culture across and deep into their structures.
Anyone who has some level of management or governance responsibilities for compliance should attend this leading-edge masterclass.

Top Learning Objectives

  • Recognize how effective compliance can add value to an organization
  • Acquire techniques on how to manage in a continuously changing regulatory environment
  • Embrace the perspective of compliance as something more than just law
  • Learn from global compliance events and how they are having an impact
  • Develop a risk-aware compliance culture to minimize the likelihood of compliance issues and improve Buy-in
  • Distinguish how to identify, promote and reward the behaviors required to achieve best practice compliance and improve Buy-In from related departments
  • Implement an appropriate third-party due diligence procedure to mitigate bribery and corruption in the organization
  • Understand how to implement a compliance framework and conduct major compliance projects
  • Evolve from being technical compliance manager to C level compliance executive
  • Discover how to enable effective governance of compliance including enabling your directors to provide appropriate governance oversight

Who Should Attend?

  • Compliance Officers & Managers
  • Directors & Senior Managers
  • Risk Managers
  • Regulatory Officers and Specialist
  • Auditors & Audit Managers
  • Legal Advisers and Lawyers
  • In-House Corporate Counsel
  • Governance
  • Internal Control

Event Details

Online Workshop