MRO Spares Optimisation And Rationalisation

If you owned the maintenance operation as a business, what would you do differently?

Many organisations do a bad job of managing their inventory effectively; and there are many reasons for this. It usually starts with bad submission of SPIRs, cataloguing and selecting initial spares. This 3-day Masterclass cover optimising spares for new facilities as well as how to evaluate existing inventory systems and KPIs for evaluating performance.

This practical 3 day workshop covers aspects related to reducing inventory and costs of spare parts and is supported by case studies, software and practical exercises to aid understanding. There are very few courses conducted that deal with the practical issues of spares cataloguing and optimising spares. Upon completion of this Masterclass, delegates will leave the workshop with tools and techniques that they can immediately apply in their own companies and start to reduce costs.

An Excel Analysis worksheet containing all formulae will be provided to conduct the analysis.
Two analysis techniques will be covered; first using probability for normal operating and consumable spares and the second using simulation (modelling) techniques for high value spares with logistic issues.

Top Learning Objectives

  • Understand the different costs used in asset and spares management
  • Measure reliability and decide which to use
  • Learn techniques to improve reliability resulting in less spares usage
  • Select the right inventory policy for fast and slow moving parts
  • Hear good practices related to SPIR forms
  • Estimate initial stocks and select safety stocks scientifically
  • Determine how many to buy and what are the strategies to minimise stock
  • Justify the financial case for high value spares
  • Gauge inventory performance
  • Understand what can be done in-house and what can be done with specialist software
  • Determine the factors that influence maintainability and how to measure it

Who Should Attend?

Directors, Managers, Planners, Supervisors, Team Leaders, Controllers, Engineers, Analysts, Coordinators in:

  • Maintenance
  • CMMS
  • Warehouse
  • Inventory
  • Asset Management
  • Spares
  • Operations
  • Materials
  • Purchasing
  • Logistics
  • Supply Chain
  • Reliability
  • Project
  • Technical Support
  • Procurement
  • Cataloguing

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