Global Treasury Management

Treasury’s world is growing increasingly more complex. Never has it been more important for companies to control cash, working capital, and risk on a global basis. Over and above the mandate to excel in these traditional roles, Treasury is called upon to be more strategic in its’ activities and to develop a solid business partner relationship across the complex.

Company Boards and Senior Management are demanding improved visibility and control over risk, optimization of cash and working capital to reduce requirements for external funding, and lower cost of operation.

Treasury departments are challenged to operate efficiently in a global marketplace in order to support the competitive position of their companies. Banks are being pressured to advise their commercial customers of Best Practices in the management of risk and global cash.

Salvo’s interactive workshop is designed for two audiences with congruent learning objectives:

  • The workshop is designed to provide Corporate Treasury, Accounting, and Finance professionals with current, practical knowledge of the essential elements of Treasury management in a best-practices environment. They will learn practical ideas on how to transform their Treasury into a world-class operation that operates with better control, improved efficiency at a reduced cost.
  • The workshop will also provide commercial bankers in Treasury sales, product development, internal operations, and marketing with an in-depth understanding of their customer’s world, Treasury Best Practice tools, and techniques. They will learn how to walk the Treasury solution talk in order to better support client requirements.

Using case study methodology, computer simulations and worked examples to illustrate key points, the attendees will learn how to apply Best Practice tools and techniques in all areas of global Treasury management in order to improve control, optimize asset utilization, reduce cost, and better leverage staff.

Latest New Hot Topics to be covered:

  • Islamic Finance Best Practices & Future Trends in Treasury
  • Managing Treasury in an Inflationary Environment
  • Increasing Liquidity Velocity with Real-Time Payments
  • Managing Currency Volatility with Basket and Layered Hedges
  • Cyber Risk in Treasury Operations
  • Leading Edge Treasury Technology

Top Learning Objectives

  • Utilize Treasury value metrics for improved control and results in treasury operations
  • Optimize the accuracy of cash forecasts
  • Improve visibility, control and optimization of global cash
  • Safely hedge against foreign currency and interest rate exposures
  • Integrate the management of global cash, cash forecasts and working capital
  • Develop visibility and control over foreign exchange and interest rate exposure
  • Optimize working capital and balance sheet management
  • Learn and apply the latest treasury organization models, benchmarking and KPI’s
  • Utilize treasury value metrics for improved controls and results
  • Apply strategies in reducing cost of operations and impact of inflation
  • Deploy VaR techniques in the management of portfolios
  • Discover and improve utilization of treasury technology

Who Should Attend?

This course is specially designed for:

  • Corporate Treasury
  • Cash Management/Liquidity Management
  • Foreign Exchange/Interest Rate Risk
  • Risk Management/Group Risk Management
  • Asset Liability Management
  • Working Capital Management
  • Bank Product Development
  • Bank Marketing
  • Bank Sales of Treasury products
  • Investment/Debt
  • Internal Audit, Finance and Accounting
  • Corporate Planning / Internal Controls / Regulatory & Compliance

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