Fire, Explosion Hazard & Emergency Response Management

Industrial fires are one of the foremost threats to the people and property of any organization. Injuries, deaths, and loss of business result from fires each year. It is estimated that 45% of businesses never re-open after a minor fire. Such losses are avoidable by applying effective fire prevention controls and being prepared for emergencies. Good management practices require the development and implementation of policies and procedures to protect employees and property by preventing and/or controlling fires and preparing for emergencies.

Salvo Global’s comprehensive masterclass on “Fire/Explosion Hazard & Emergency Response Management” will enable Health & Safety professionals to put in place and evaluate their fire prevention controls and emergency preparedness in the event of a fire. Refineries, petrochemical, manufacturing facilities, mining, and drilling operations will find the information and tools presented useful in developing fire prevention and emergency preparedness programs.

Top Learning Objectives

  • Understand the causes and conditions underlying different types of fires, including thermodynamic and physical causes and conditions leading to fire/explosion hazards
  • Assess the flammability hazards related to gases and vapors, including underground gases such as methane
  • Put in place the associated preventive measures and fire protection controls for the hazards identified
  • Apply appropriate methods to detect, prevent, and protect against combustible dust explosions, including coal dust
  • Adopt best practices in fire safety management to tackle common challenges such as confined spaces and losses of containment
  • Evaluate your current Emergency Response Management program and identify areas for improvement
  • Gain extensive technical information to perform effective safety audits and fire investigations

Who Should Attend?

Chiefs, General Managers, Managers, Heads, Superintendents/Supervisors, & leaders of business units such as:

  • Fire Safety
  • Health, Safety & Environment (HSE)
  • Process Safety
  • Risk & Assurance
  • Production
  • Ventilation
  • Loss Prevention
  • Emergency Services/Emergency Response

And anyone else looking to improve their fire/explosion hazard and emergency response management practices within their worksites/plant facilities. This course is targeted at all industries and is particularly relevant to Oil & Gas (both upstream and downstream), Petrochemicals, Ports, Terminals, Chemicals, Utilities, Mining, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical

  • Asset Integrity
  • Project Engineering and management
  • Operations
  • Production
  • Process Engineering
  • Inspection

Event Details

Online Workshop