Advanced Root Cause Analysis and Effective Process Improvement

Root cause is the fundamental, underlying reason for a problem. This course allows you to identify the cause of a problem, solve it, and prevent it from occurring again. This will save your organization time, money, and resources.

When a failure incident occurs in your workplace, you must investigate it. But the approach you take in that investigation can often determine how effective you are at preventing similar incidents from happening in the future. Root cause analysis lets an employer discover the underlying or systemic, rather than the generalized or immediate, causes of an incident. Correcting only an immediate cause may eliminate a symptom of a problem—but not the problem itself. A robust process program, which includes root cause analysis of incidents and near misses, can result in more effective control of hazards, improved process reliability, increased revenues, decreased production costs, lower maintenance costs and lower insurance premiums.

Salvo Global’s course on “Advanced Root Cause Analysis” will enable participants to understand root cause analysis as a procedure for ascertaining and analyzing the causes of problems to determine what can be done to solve or prevent them. Consisting of lectures, practice, and role-playing, this course is designed to provide attendees with an in-depth understanding of how to analyze a system to identify the root causes of problems and how to prevent future occurrences.

Top Learning Objectives

  • Understand the increasing necessity of using sound methods for root cause analysis
  • Involve the right people in the right way in any analysis
  • Prioritize problems and determine the best approach to solve them
  • Solve and prevent any technical, production, quality or other incident or problem more rapidly and effectively
  • Communicate and present analysis, solutions and recommendations with maximum understanding and acceptance
  • Enhance Problem Solving and trouble-shooting effectiveness
  • Utilize an RCA methodology that is adaptable to different circumstances
  • Master RCFA, the 5 Why in RCA and Fault Tree Analysis
  • Understand and avoid the typical human factors involved in failures and accident
  • Diagnose actions or recommendations that will avoid the repetition of the failure/problem investigated
  • Apply and implement the methods learned in daily practice immediately after the training

Who Should Attend?

VPs, Directors, Division Heads, Managers, Assistant Managers, Superintendents, Specialists, Leaders, Heads, Supervisors, Foremen, Planners, Technicians, & Engineers from the following areas:

  • Maintenance
  • Engineering
  • Reliability
  • Plant
  • Quality and HSE
  • Loss Prevention
  • Asset Management
  • Asset Integrity
  • Project Engineering and management
  • Operations
  • Production
  • Process Engineering
  • Inspection

Event Details

Online Workshop