Advanced Integrated Project Control

After projects enter the execution phase, the emphasis of the project manager’s effort changes from planning to controlling the work. Implementing effective project controls is especially crucial in complex projects such as mining projects, processing plants, construction & infrastructure projects due to the large investments and high risks and uncertainty involved.

Due to various interdependencies within the project, control is most effective when the control process integrates scope management with cost and schedule management. How can you overcome silo mentality to align control objectives within and across projects?

Fully aligned with Project Management Institute’s Body of Knowledge, Salvo Global’s “Integrated Project Control” Masterclass enables project professionals to master practical strategies and tools to achieve integrated scope, budget, and schedule management so as to deliver successful projects.

Top Learning Objectives

  • Understand the criticality of integrated project control
  • Identify the control organization roles & responsibilities
  • Create and Customize a project controls system for your team
  • Understand how controlling scope, schedule, and cost to ensure projects stay on plan
  • Identifying and managing risks
  • Learn how to up contracts to ensure the project stays on plan
  • Master the strategies in controlling contractors
  • Develop an earned value management processes to identify deviations early and to forecast completion

Who Should Attend?

  • Project Controls Manager
  • Project Controllers
  • Earned Value Specialists
  • Programme Directors/Managers
  • Project Planners & Schedulers
  • Risk Management Offices Staff
  • Project Management Office Staff
  • Project Team Members
  • Cost Managers
  • Cost Controllers & Engineers
  • Project Sponsors
  • Project Consultants
  • Project Specialists
  • Project Engineers
  • Top Management
  • Asset Integrity
  • Project Engineering and management
  • Operations
  • Production
  • Process Engineering
  • Inspection

Event Details

Online Workshop