Condition Monitoring of Machinery

Maintenance’s key objective is to increase uptime without over-doing maintenance and the challenge lies in how to determine the right use of Condition Monitoring for Machinery. Many organizations also find themselves struggling to put in place an effective Condition Monitoring of Machinery to improve equipment integrity.

The concept of Condition Monitoring of Machinery is extensively known and the potential benefits are widely accepted, but still, many maintenance practitioners have failed to successfully take advantage of the techniques and technologies. By mastering the latest condition monitoring techniques, participants will be able t oprevent avoidable equipment failures and associated production losses and finally break the reactive maintenance cycle.

Salvo Global’s 3-day intensive Masterclass on “Condition Monitoring of Machinery” is a practical “How-to-Do-it Guide” for implementing, measuring results and successfully applying today’s best practices for Condition Monitoring of Machinery. In addition, delegates will be introduced to strategies that will enhance and improve Condition Monitoring of Machinery.

This course is designed to build competency in Condition Monitoring of Machinery and to enhance the equipment reliability and overall plant productivity. It covers all the fundamentals of Condition Monitoring of Machinery that a suitably qualified professional would be expected to carry out during his duty starting with the first steps and building up to a fully functional Condition Monitoring ofMachinery.

This training course is based on 35 years of real-life industrial experience of the trainer in Condition Monitoring of Machinery.

The training course is based on the following ISO Standards: ISO 18436-1:2012, ISO 18436-2: 2014, ISO 18436-3:2012, ISO 17359: 2011, ISO 13373-1: 2002, ISO 13373-2:2005, ISO 13374-1:2003, ISO 13379-1:2012, ISO 14695:2003, ISO 10816-8: 2014, ISO 10816-1: 1995, ISO 10817-1:1998, ISO 7919-5: 2005, ISO 14694: 2003, ISO 2954: 2012, ISO 11342:1998, ISO 8528-9:1995, ISO 5348: 1998, ISO 19499:2007, ISO 21940-13:2012 and ISO 13372:2012.

Top Learning Objectives

  • Analyse basic equipment design to discover what is necessary for its proper operation
  • Review equipment in a production environment to understand the operating impact
  • Determine maintenance requirements and the equipment operating environment
  • Setting the necessary maintenance and operating quality standards to be met
  • Develop the necessary skills and competencies needed by the workforce
  • Identify the necessary documentation, content and its arrangement for Condition Monitoring of Machinery
  • Establish frequencies and a program for Condition Monitoring of Machinery
  • Identify processes, information, physical resources, safety required for Condition Monitoring of Machinery
  • Recognise other business processes and information which link to Condition Monitoring of Machinery
  • Imbed good practice for Condition Monitoring of Machinery
  • Initiate the continuous improvement of Condition Monitoring of Machinery
  • Maximise profits with effective Condition Monitoring of Machinery
  • Eliminate risk and downtime caused by maintenance defect and failure with highly effective Condition Monitoring of Machinery

Who Should Attend?

VPs, Directors, Division Heads, Managers, Superintendents, Specialists, Leaders, Supervisors, Foremen, Planners, Technicians, & Engineers from the following departments:

  • Maintenance
  • Engineering
  • Reliability
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Shutdowns & Turnarounds
  • Condition Monitoring
  • Rotating Equipment
  • Static Equipment
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Asset Management
  • Asset Integrity
  • Operations
  • Plant
  • Production
  • Process
  • Inspection

From industries including but not limited to:

  • Oil & Gas, Mining, Utilities, Manufacturing, Construction, Petrochemicals/Chemicals, Manufacturing, Transportation & Rail, Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare, Food & Beverages, etc.
  • All other industries that see Condition Monitoring of Machinery as a factor to business success such as facilities management and operations

Trainer's Background

  • A World-renowned maintenance expert with over 35 years of real-life industrial experience. He is the author of over 200 publications in the areas o maintenance, condition monitoring of complex mechanical systems and root cause analysis
  • Elected Chairman of the International Society for Maintenance and Condition Monitoring
  • President of the International Institute of Acoustics and Vibrations USA
  • Elected Chairman of the Maintenance and Condition Monitoring Technical Committee of the British Institute of Nondestructive Testing
  • The British Institution of Non-destructive Testing established “The Len Gelman Award” for the best paper at the annual International Conference on Maintenance and Condition Monitoring
  • Received the 2011 Rolls-Royce Innovation Award , 2014 Oxford OBN Award and the 2010 William Sweet Smith Prize form the Institution of Mechanical Engineers


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“It provides me with a detailed process of scheduling and maintenance of maintenance equipment. Very relevant to job scope and very enlightening. Experienced speaker with excellent background in the topic.”

– Vice President, Prasarana Sdn Bhd


“Very good and interesting. Trainer have so many input to deliver this training. The main strength is to know the planner’s responsibility and how to be a good planner.”

– Maintenance Planner, PTP


“Very comprehensive content and detailed materials. Very organized and experienced in professional training.”

– Engineering Manager, AUO SunPower