Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS)

Why attend this masterclass?

Insightful knowledge, methods, technics, and good practices will be shared among the participants. Providing meaningful information regarding most useful CMMS around the world; systems advantages and disadvantages; the right choice for the right process.

The training aims to provide a valuable information for management as for end users about CMMS and their capabilities to support asset management across the organization. Understanding system security and permissions, management by level, system structure, asset register with cost management.

Top Learning Objectives

The main objectives of this training is to allow its audience to enrich their theoretical and practical knowledge in order to manage the foundations and concepts of the maintenance management system (CMMS) :

    • The process of maintenance work management
    • CMMS systems: advantages and disadvantages
    • CMMS principles
    • Maintenance management by CMMS
    • Material management by CMMS
    • Comprehend Security and permissions
    • Assets and CMMS
    • Management of major shutdowns and capital projects
    • Equipment life cycle
    • Budget and maintenance costs
    • Monitoring, analysis and reporting, the master table of maintenance

In addition, this training gives participants guidelines and alignment on the multiple challenges of the CMMS system. It breaks the paradigms and the vicious circle of the CMMS system and the basis of maintenance planning.

Who Should Attend?

Executive management, senior management, directors and managers, superintendent and supervisors, engineers, administrator, planners, and controller from the following sectors :

  • IT-MIS
  • Maintenance and Reliability
  • Production and process
  • Procurement and store management
  • Supply-chain
  • Technical and engineering

Also, organization that is looking to establish new CMMS or improve existing CMMS. Understanding the essential of the application and usage of CMMS among the enterprise and relationship with other ERP systems.

Trainer's Background

  • Sr. Consultant and trainer, with over 26 years international expertise in maintenance management, project management, operational excellence, business readiness, change management, and process optimisation. More than 2800 workshop and training conducted worldwide.
  • He has a deep dive in multiple operational sectors such as maintenance management, reliability management, asset integrity, operational excellence, process optimization, change management, continuous improvement, training and coaching.

Recent Projects:

  • Increase process throughput (uptime): 15% (mining)
  • Downtime reduction and emergency maintenance: 7% (mining)
  • EBITDA improvement: 1.75% (paper mill)
  • Mobile fleet rationalization: +3.2M$ (mining)
  • Process optimization and availability: +1.3M$ (mining)


Face-to-Face Masterclass

Date: 22nd – 23rd February 2024
8:30 AM – 4:30 PM
Radisson Blu Abidjan Airport, Ivory Coast

This course will be conducted in french language


“A comprehensive analysis of our practices and use of CMMS by the trainer revealed tangible recommendations to improve our approach and align personnel not only from maintenance but also from production to adapt the best practices of maintenance management through the CMMS system, this has allowed an increase in the availability of equipment, better planning, less frustration for the maintenance and production team. Overall +5% uptime.”

Dan Koss, Maintenance and Reliability Superintendent