Applied Strategic Planning

Many companies have strategic plans, that do not work well because they are not implemented. As Fortune discovered, less than 10% of strategies effectively formulated are effectively executed. The workforces of many companies go about their daily business totally unaware of the fact that their companies have strategic plans. As a result, there is no relationship between company plans and the workers’ activities.

The key to success lies in translating the vision and the strategic business plans into the everyday activities of the people who are doing the work, adding the value, providing the service, so that everybody knows exactly what they must do on Monday morning in order to achieve results.

This workshop will examine and demonstrate practical, realistic tools and techniques that successful organizations use to develop and implement their strategic and operational plans. The workshop materials and workbooks, including “A Common Sense Approach to Business Planning”, and “Performance Measures Applied” were snapped-up and utilized by 70% of Australia’s top 100 companies and have since been published internationally. Each module contains examples, summaries, checklists, glossaries and quality standards. Common pitfalls are analyzed and there are case studies. Plus, there are easy to use guidelines for implementing the strategic planning and performance systems.

Top Learning Objectives

  • Learn how to develop a strategic and operational planning system for your organization, or department
  • Discover how to implement and align your strategic and operational plans
  • Understand how to systematically improve and update your plans on an annual, monthly, and daily basis
  • Know how to implement performance measurement and performance management systems to control the implementation of your plans
  • Understand how to translate your plans into measurable productivity improvement and high-performance cultures and work environments
  • Learn how and when to evaluate your plans

Who Should Attend?

  • Strategic Planning/ Corporate Planning
  • Risk & Analytics
  • Operations & Process Improvement
  • Marketing
  • Training & Knowledge Management
  • Business Development
  • Projects
  • Strategic Investment
  • Organization & Development
  • Strategy Management
  • Human Resources
  • IT
  • Finance
  • Supply Chain

Trainer's Background

  • An internationally known organisation development consultant specialising in improving performance in a variety of organisations. He has held a strong commitment to the quality and productivity field for over 30 years
  • His particular interest and expertise lie in improving bottom-line performance in medium to large organisations in both the public and private sectors. Examples are: Globally listed companies, Governments, the Military, and medium to small organisations from a wide variety of industries
  • He is the author of eleven books on strategic planning, performance measurement and management, and organisational effectiveness. His large clients include, Mobil, BHP, ABB, Coca Cola, Toll, and Willis Towers Watson

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“I was blown away by the trainer’s approach when I heard him give a talk on strategic business planning and implementation. We were struggling to utilize our full potential, and here was somebody who offered just what our organization needed.”

– Director, VBS