Aligning Risk with Business Strategy

Join our COMPLIMENTARY WEBINAR to achieve a sensible balance between strategic ambition and associated risk for your organization


The ultimate aim of all businesses, whether profit-centred or non-profit, is to achieve their overall Strategic Goals. However, it is widely accepted that around 70% of organisations fail to achieve their Goals – in other words, they fail to implement their chosen strategy successfully.

There are many underlying reasons: but one (often ignored) factor is the effective alignment and balance between strategic ambition and the associated risks inherent in the strategy.

Most organisations overweight ambition and underweight risk, and the inevitable outcome is non-achievement of the organisation’s strategic goals. This complimentary 1-hr webinar, exclusively offered to Salvo’s clients will explore these issues and introduce some possible remedies.

Key Objectives

  • Introduction – the business challenges driving for strategy and risk alignment
  • Strategic agility in a fast-changing world: The “fast-change” so often represents an emerging risk
  • Risks to successful strategy execution and the ability to anticipate / respond effectively
  • Tools and techniques – that can be used to manage the risk / strategy alignment, including the Risk-Adjusted Balanced Scorecard and associated use of KPIs and KRIs

Targeted Audience

  • Managers / Team Leads/ Supervisors/ Superintendents in Strategic & Operational Planning and Performance Management at corporate and Business Unit / Department levels
  • Business managers / Team Leads/ Supervisors/ Superintendents across all functions, “front and back-office”, who recognize the challenge of proactively managing risk in the context of their future business ambitions

Event Details

Complimentary Webinar