Advanced Maintenance Planning & Scheduling

In an ever-increasing competitive industry like manufacturing, mining, power & utilities, and oil & gas, the maintenance division is typically required by management to increase asset and equipment uptime with minor breakdowns and lower costs. For this type of situation, the maintenance departments lack resources.

A study conducted by Society for Maintenance & Reliability Professionals (SMRP) revealed that the average “wrench time” of available maintenance personnel is only 35%. This means that organization’s maintenance force spends only about 3 ½ hours performing maintenance on an average day. The rest of the time is spent collecting parts, traveling, meetings, breaks, and other “unproductive” activities unrelated to facility or equipment maintenance work. 

When the maintenance staff is uncoordinated, costly, ineffective, and does not have proper planning and scheduling, the team will fail in meeting deadlines. These failures will cause constant problems for the Operations department, which will become increasingly reluctant to release equipment in the future. This can directly contribute to higher maintenance costs, inadequate maintenance execution, and rapidly deteriorating plant integrity.

The key to any reliability improvement program lies in the recognition of impending failures and working at the optimum time to mitigate breakdowns.

Top Learning Objectives

  • Utilize a systematic and structured analysis using best practices in maintenance planning and scheduling
  • Synchronize maintenance and operations planning
  • Optimize the management of maintenance backlogs
  • Maximize profits with effective maintenance management and equipment life cycle
  • Develop priority systems to deal with emergencies in maintenance planning and scheduling

Who Should Attend?

  • Maintenance Planners
  • Maintenance Schedulers
  • Maintenance Superintendents
  • Maintenance Managers
  • Preventive Maintenance Supervisors
  • Predictive Maintenance Supervisors
  • Maintenance Supervisors
  • Reliability Managers
  • Engineering Managers
  • Plant Engineers

Companies that have benefited from the trainer’s expertise include:

  • Abbotts Lab
  • Abu Dhabi Airports Company
  • Chevron
  • Cisco
  • Emirati Oil
  • Etihad Airways
  • Singapore Refining Company
  • Warri Refining & Petrochemical Company
  • Wyeth

Trainer's Background

  • Over 30 years of experience in all aspects of Maintenance Management, having trained more than 15,000 managers and supervisors from over 3,000 organizations in 20+ countries.
  • He has extensive experience in all facets of maintenance management including preventive maintenance, inventory control, computerized maintenance, system design, and system installation.
  • A frequent speaker at maintenance and engineering conferences and published several best-selling maintenance management books.

Event Details

19th – 23rd September 2022
8AM – 11AM UTC
Online Workshop via Zoom