Advanced Maintenance Planning & Cost Management

The process of maintenance and reliability management depends on the managerial approach in order to define the asset management needs while respecting the integrity of the equipment, health and safety, the environment and the financial and technological risk. Maintenance planning and scheduling is globally recognized as a directional approach for maintenance managers, operations management decision-makers, and anyone related to asset management. The method has proven itself since its introduction in major industries such as aerospace, avionics, automotive, mining and others. However, to benefit from the potential of the methodology, it is certain that it must be adopted and adhered to in all organizational aspects.

Salvo Global has provided you with a relevant training based on the best practices of maintenance and reliability management, asset management and other principles giving participants the knowledge to align their managerial approach to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the initiatives. The training will also cover the fundamentals of maintenance, deploy strategies favoring conditional demand in line with the values and objectives of the organization.

The knowledge of the training is greatly supported by real examples, exercises and other documents, encouraging participants to understand the issues of planning and scheduling.

Top Learning Objectives

  • Understand the most common strategies, principals, techniques and tools to manage maintenance and reliability program to achieve operational excellence
  • Learn the main objectives of leadership in maintenance planning process; top management role and responsibilities as well the maintenance personnel
  • Discover the essentials of work management cycle to better control the day to day maintenance work and shutdowns
  • Master the planning and scheduling work step by step with the emphasis of cost management with hands on of computerized software
  • Integrate Cost Management with your Maintenance Planning & Scheduling
  • Learn maintenance budgeting and Cost Management
  • Prevent Production loss and unnecessary delays
  • Opimize the management of maintenance backlogs
  • Learn how to sell planning and scheduling to management

Who Should Attend?

  • Project Controls Manager
  • Operations (QA/QC; Production; Maintenance; Reliability)
  • Asset management & Asset integrity
  • Maintenance, Planning & Scheduling
  • Reliability & Asset healthcare
  • Engineering & technical support
  • Project management
  • Procurement
  • Supply chain
  • Store & Warehouse management

Trainer's Background

  • Sr. Manager & Consultant, over 25 year expertise in heavy industry in Maintenance, reliability, project management and operational excellence.  Facilitate over 2000 workshop globally
  • He has worked across the world Canada, USA, China, Middle East and Africa in multi-sector global diverse organizations including OCP, MAAX, Electrolux, ArcelorMittal, CliffsNR, SMEC, Shell, Vale mining, MeTraining, Argo consulting, Nyrstar Mining, Detour Gold,  Advance Petrochemical, Murphy oil, And More!
  • He has extensive operations management, maintenance & reliability management, project management, process performance and CI capability
  • He has extensive experience in lean manufacturing, six sigma, project management, operations management, asset management, advance problem solving and strategy deployment in complex large organizations worldwide. He has deep exposure in product transformation and quality management systems (ISO 9001, ISO11000, ISO55000, TS 16949, Mil-Std)

This course will be conducted in french language


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“We have been struggling with PM compliance and work management for over 5 years till we had the training and the support from the trainer whereby the program takes a new direction, today, PM compliance are achieved over 75% for our mobile fleet.”

– Tony Jalbet, Asset management Superintendent