Advanced Maintenance Planning and Scheduling

In an ever-increasing competitive industries like Manufacturing, Mining, Power and Utilities and Oil & Gas, the maintenance division is typically required by management to increase asset and equipment uptime with minor breakdowns and lower maintenance cost. For this type of situation, the maintenance departments feel the lack of resources. Work orders keeps coming in, but not many get done.

A study from SMRP shows that the average “wrench time” of available maintenance personnel is only 35%. It means that on an average day, an organization’s maintenance force only spends about 3 ½ hours on completing maintenance work during 10 working hours. The remaining hours are wasted on gathering parts, travelling, meetings, breaks, and other “non-productive” activities, that have nothing to do with working on asset and equipment maintenance.

Without proper planning and scheduling, maintenance is uncoordinated, costly and ineffective, leaving the maintenance team to fail in meeting deadlines. These failures will cause constant problems for the Operations department, who will become increasingly reluctant to release equipment in the future. This can directly contribute to a higher maintenance cost, inadequate maintenance execution and rapidly deteriorating plant integrity.

Salvo Global’s 5-day online course is designed to build advanced competency in maintenance planning and scheduling. The techniques, that participants will learn in this course, will allow for effective planning and scheduling of maintenance resources. The course covers all the fundamentals and advanced methods and applications, that a suitably qualified professional would use in carrying out fully functional plant maintenance. In summary, the course provides a step-by-step practical guide to best practices of maintenance planning and scheduling, that will essentially reduce maintenance costs and deliver maximum business benefits.

This training course is based on 35 years of real-life industrial experience of the trainer in maintenance planning and scheduling.

Top Learning Objectives

  • Protect and enhance values of your plant machinery with the advanced maintenance planning and scheduling best practices principles
  • Reduce maintenance cost in pandemic conditions
  • Learn the roles and duties of a maintenance planner and a scheduler and about creation of high-quality work orders
  • Discover how to effectively integrate reliability centred maintenance with maintenance planning and scheduling for achieving maximum machinery uptime and essential reduction of maintenance costs
  • Master practical implementation of advanced maintenance planning and scheduling principles, Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) and Enterprise Resource Planning Software
  • Unlock the potential of your CMMS and discuss what other software packages are available and asses their benefits
  • Optimize the management of maintenance backlogs in pandemic conditions
  • Utilize the latest condition monitoring technologies
  • Maximise profits with effective maintenance management and equipment life cycle control
  • Eliminate a risk and a downtime, caused by machinery defects and failures with highly effective planned and scheduled maintenance

Who Should Attend?

VPs, Directors, Division Heads, Managers, Superintendents, Specialists, Leaders, Supervisors, Foremen, Planners, Technicians, & Engineers from the following departments:

  • Maintenance
  • Engineering
  • Reliability
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Shutdowns & Turnarounds
  • Condition Monitoring
  • Rotating Equipment
  • Static Equipment
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Asset Management
  • Asset Integrity
  • Operations
  • Plant
  • Production
  • Process
  • Inspection

From industries including but not limited to:

  • Oil & Gas, Mining, Utilities, Manufacturing, Construction, Petrochemicals/Chemicals, Manufacturing, Transportation & Rail, Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare, Food & Beverages, Aerospace, etc.
  • All other industries, that see leadership skills and physical asset management as a factor to business success, such as facilities management and operations

Trainer's Background

The trainer holds a PhD and a Dr. of Sciences (habilitation) degree. He has trained and consulted for different industries worldwide. He has 35 years of real-life industrial experience in maintenance planning and scheduling, holding key industrial contracts in major
companies such as Rolls-Royce, SKF, Caterpillar, Dresser-Rand, Shell and Severn Trent Water. He has developed and delivered training programmes worldwide for power & utilities, oil & gas, and manufacturing, including courses on maintenance planning and scheduling, machinery failure analysis and prevention, reliability centred maintenance, condition monitoring of machinery, risk assessment for production and operations, and problem solving and decision making.

He is also the author of over 200 publications (including 17 patents, 11 books and 2 book chapters) in the areas of maintenance, condition monitoring of complex mechanical systems and root cause analysis.

Due to his many contributions, the trainer has received many awards such as the Oxford OBN Award, the Rolls-Royce Innovation Award, the William Sweet Smith Prize from the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, 2019 Rolls-Royce Innovation Award and COMADIT Prize “For significant contribution through research/development in condition monitoring to benefit of industry or society”, British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing, UK, 2017.

He is an acclaimed entity in the field, holding several key positions in several organizations. Companies that have benefited from his expertise include:

  • Saudi Aramco
  • Oman Gas Company
  • Rolls-Royce
  • Dresser-Rand
  • Caterpillar
  • S2 Operation and Maintenance Company
  • Alpha Star aviation service KSA
  • Abraj Energy Services Oman
  • Dubai Supply Authority (DUSUP)
  • Exxon Mobil
  • Maaden Aluminium
  • Saudi Electricity Company
  • The Bahrain Petroleum
  • London Underground
  • Emirates CMS Power
  • SKF
  • Abu Dhabi Oil Refining
  • GEO CHEM Middle East
  • Quartzelec, Abu Dhabi
  • Qatar Petrochemical Company
  • Majan Electricity, Oman
  • Qatar Gas
  • Shell
  • SKF
  • Total
  • Severn Trent Water
  • Barrak Al-Fares
  • BASF
  • Vibrant Machines, Bahrain
  • British Energy
  • Eriks
  • Kuwait Oil Company
  • Qatar Fertiliser Company
  • Sabiya Power Plant
  • Daleel Petroleum
  • DUCAB Cable manufacturing company
  • Qatar Aluminium
  • SSE UK
  • Swift Oil
  • Niger Delta Power
  • Marine Service and Supply
  • Jebba Hydro Electric
  • General Marine and Oil Service
  • Cima
  • Prasrana
  • Bluescope Steel
  • Ranhill AUO
  • SunPower

“It provides me with detailed process of scheduling and maintenance of maintenance equipment. Very relevant to job scope and very enlightening. Experienced speaker with excellent background in the topic.”

Vice President
Prasarana Sdn Bhd

Event Details

25th – 29th October 2021
8 AM – 11 AM UTC
Online Workshop