Advanced Maintenance Dashboard and KPI

Maintenance KPIs are a reflection of your goals as an organization. Your key performance indicators (KPIs) should reflect what you value and what you are working towards. Maintenance organizations need to measure themselves against a set of standards to determine if operational goals are being achieved. Those metrics could be applied against department-based targets, company standards, or even world-class maintenance benchmarks. Goal-driven KPIs provide critical and immediate feedback on the progress, or lack thereof, made toward process improvements. You can track as many KPIs as you like, but the “key” in KPIs speaks to focusing on those factors most important to the business. It’s essential that what you’re tracking is actually fundamental to organizational success.

You don’t need a KPI for everything. You still have access to all your periodic reports and the deeper information required to make critical maintenance business adjustments. With that thought in mind, you may consider limiting KPIs to those currently most meaningful. KPIs should not be static. Rather you should rotate different KPIs in and out as goals are met and business objectives change. Don’t fall into the trap of displaying old KPIs just because they look good on your reports or dashboard!

To enable delegates to have an overall insight of the goal of Maintenance, the performance management, the requirements to achieve maintenance cost-effectiveness, understanding the fundamentals of maintenance data, defining the balanced scorecard.

In parallel, the essential of maintenance performance measurement where the cost the common element of equipment life cycle and related elements to complete the maintenance dashboard.

Top Learning Objectives

  • Gain recognition, confidence, and credibility by putting the best ‘YOU’ forward and use upward communication and downward communication to create new opportunities within your organization. Besides that, you will learn to break down the barriers and silos that stand between team cooperation and organizational effectiveness and reduce frustration
  • Learn to build mind-set and productive workplace relationships, settle more confidently into your own ‘comfort zone’ as a manager, leader and champion of change not to mention gain control of events around you and shape them to meet the right objectives
  • Know how to respond to and manage resistance, fear, conflict and stress during change, harnessing the power of diversity and using it to drive higher and greater performance
  • Come up with your own version of a systematic approach for your continuous learning and improvement about the subject and undergo important self-discovery, situational understanding and some important perception shifts that will help you think differently about the way people interact, learn and grow together
  • Increase business profitability, credibility and efficiency

Who Should Attend?

Executive managers; senior managers; section managers; superintendent; engineers; technicians; OEM; contractors; suppliers; planners/schedulers; store & warehouse from:

  • Operations (QA/QC; Production; Maintenance; Reliability)
  • Asset Management & Asset Integrity
  • Maintenance, Planning & Scheduling
  • Reliability & Asset Healthcare
  • Engineering & Technical Support
  • Project Management
  • Procurement
  • Supply Chain
  • Store & Warehouse Management

Also, organizations looking to define the appropriate maintenance dashboard and track the right maintenance measures, reporting maintenance performance systems, and prioritizing the equipment that requires more attention from the cost base.

Trainer's Background

Our expert trainer is a Sr. Manager & Consultant, over 25 years of expertise in heavy industry in maintenance, reliability, project management, and operational excellence.  Facilitated over 2000 workshops globally.

He has extensive operations management, maintenance & reliability management, project management, process performance, and CI capability. Global experience in manufacturing, mining, and consulting.  He managed core and supported business functions, strategic project management office.

He has managed and assessed global projects for large organizations on process management, business performance, operations, maintenance, and integrated equipment reliability, optimizing manufacturing footprints, operation system integration, operations due diligence, training-coaching, and mentoring clients.  He has extensive experience in lean manufacturing, six sigma, project management, operations management, asset management, advanced problem solving, and strategy deployment in complex large organizations worldwide. He has deep exposure in product transformation and quality management systems (ISO 9001, ISO11000, ISO55000, TS 16949, Mil-Std).

He has worked across the world in Canada, the USA, China, Middle East, and Africa in multi-sector global diverse organizations.

He has helped many notable organizations achieve improved performance through training and consulting advice. These include:

  • THC Consulting
  • Petronas
  • Nyrstar Mining
  • SMEC
  • Golden Truth China
  • GOS Consulting
  • Louisiana Pacific Corporation
  • Sejingkat Power Corporation
  • Alkhorayef Industries
  • Emirates CMS Power Company
  • Rabigh Electricity Company
  • Astra Honda Motors
  • Oceancare Marine Services
  • Tenega Nasional Berhad

Event Details

29th November – 3rd December 2021
8 AM – 11 AM UTC
Online Workshop via Zoom

“We have been struggling with maintenance management scorecard for over 5 years till we had the training and the support from [the trainer] whereby the program takes a new direction, today, the maintenance program includes the true dashboard and scorecard.”

Stephen Mattews, Asset Management Director