Calendar of Events

Find the best events that would suit your company’s needs for next year! Plan and save time by familiarizing yourself with Salvo Global’s Calendar of Events for 2024! Our calendar is arranged by category of events, location, months, and specific dates. Due to our highly-rated international events, we would like to present to our clients our new and improved versions of our events this year!

We offer Onlince Workshops and Face-to-face Masterclasses. Most of our events run across Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa. We usually handle events that are focused on the following industries:

Maintenance and Engineering

In our Maintenance & Engineering Series, this year, our courses place an emphasis on enhancing safety, reliability, efficiency and productivity and are tailored to focus primarily on system safety, prolonging asset lifespan and optimizing performance. The courses also generally cover the technical intricacies of maintenance and engineering systems as well.

Supply Chain

The Supply Chain Management Series covers the span of the supply chain process from the point of origin to the point of consumption. While a significant emphasis is placed on procurement and purchasing, topics relating to contract and supplier relationship management are also stressed upon.

Project Management

Our Project Management Series features special emphases on project audits, risk management and public sector project management. Providing a comprehensive overview on the art of successful project management, our courses are led by immensely accomplished experts with decades of industry and consulting experience.

Human Resource

In our Human Resource Series, we focus on helping you maximize your organization’s Human Resources function through the likes of strategic workface planning and employee engagement. In keeping with the constantly changing nature of the global business economy, we also introduce and develop the themes of transformation and change management.

Corporate Finance

The courses in our Finance Series are strategically tailored to update you with the latest practical developments, provide an understanding of the key issues, and improve your knowledge on financial management and how to optimize your organization’s financial performance. These courses are led by trainers who are extremely experienced on their industry and have comprehensive training and consulting experience as well.

Health & Safety

The Health, Safety & Environment Series introduces, examines and critically evaluates topics related to health and safety management and corporate treatment of the environment. Courses focus on the integration of health and safety management into planning, activities, facilities and processes as well as the inculcation of good codes of practice where the environment is considered.

We deliver unparalleled results to match your strategic requirements. That’s why Salvo creates well-researched programs so as to deliver cutting-edge knowledge without compromising on the quality. Making a positive impact on your organization’s growth and development is part of what we do. We will exceed your expectations so as to build long-term partnerships.

Feel free to download our brochure of our calendar of events for next year! For enquiries about specific events, you may email to know more details such as the topics covered, speaker, investment rates, training schedule, etc.

To reserve a seat, feel free to also express your interest by sending us an email. We would be more than willing to assist you for your other concerns regarding our events.

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Request for an In-House Training