About us


Salvo is in the business of corporate events, operating in the B2B (business-to-business) environment and servicing corporate entities of varied Industries. As a Business networking company, Salvo differs in business nature from just an events management company as we manage events that are conceptualized and produced by our in-house experts.

Salvo creates strategic platforms for companies to be updated on the latest trends to acquire best practices, offering our clients a leading business edge. Conducted by world-renowned experts, small group trainings (“Senior Executive Master-Class”) focus largely on the latest business issues and policies, thus allowing delegates to gain maximum interaction and knowledge with industry experts. Our large-scale conferences highlight the latest business progressions while providing invaluable insights and experiences from industry leaders.

Most of our programs run in countries across the Asia Pacific, Middle East and African regions such as Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Ivory Coast and many more.

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  • Learn Advanced Courses
  • Master the best practices
  • Discover the latest trends
  • Learn from top experts

Across borders

Salvo Global’s headquarter is based in Singapore. Our second opened office is located in South Africa and the latest is set in the Philippines in 2014. We pledged to expand and grow our reach for global presence and cater the international market. In all our projects, we are committed to deliver the best outputs and meet the dynamic needs of the industry for our client’s success.

Most of our programs run in countries across Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Africa regions such as Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, China, Hong Kong, Fiji, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, South Africa, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Vietnam and many more.

Our portfolio of events covers multiple industries and diverse functions such as Oil & Gas, Engineering and Maintenance, Supply Chain Management, Human Resources, Manufacturing, Banking & Finance, Mining, Pharmaceutical, Logistics, IT, Marketing, etc.

Our Culture

Salvo was built up with a center mission of being an industry front-runner in our corporate interests. At the core of the Organization is a gathering of driven people, whose larger objective is to make magnificence and progress in our endeavors, contending as a group and winning on uprightness as a group too.

Some portion of Salvo’s extraordinary achievement is ascribed to her kin and the conviction that the development and improvement of people in the organization is fundamental in advancing ceaseless development. At the center of each individual lies a drive to exceed expectations and prevail past desires and a thirst to achieve more once an objective is accomplished. This is the idea of each department in Salvo which advocates our great conveyance to our clients.

We are committed to bring smooth quality service within our reach, as we endeavor to be a leading provider of business events. Through professionalism and proactiveness, we ensure the quality of production, delivery of promises, and dedication to customer relationship management.

Our People

We are passionate to develop people through lifelong learning summits, conferences, and master classes in order to achieve phenomenal success of the companies.

As we work in a fast-paced, dynamic and lively workplace, we team up as one group and contend with each other to understand our own most prominent potential. As we move close with the business economy, we infuse additional collaboration to fuel our association’s extension and that implies creating, selecting and retaining driven and inspired people.


Salvo Global strongly believes that by building a responsible and compassionate company, we can give back to the society. As the organization grows and prospers, we are pleased to contribute a portion of our profits to the community. Salvo has been making monthly monetary contributions to various causes as of third quarter of 2007.

Salvo is proud to be a Singapore Compact member, so as to demonstrate our support and commitment for corporate social responsibility.

Pushing ahead, Salvo would like to have the capacity to manage and advance our CSR endeavors for bigger effect ventures.