Why you need to start investing in learning development now

1 December 2015
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New discoveries and innovations in technology have paved the way to creating a more dynamic and highly competitive business landscape. Job roles are now also becoming more specialized, requiring professionals to acquire new work skills. With strong competitors coming from every angle of the playing field, organizations need to stay sharp in making decisions and investments that can possibly help them progress in the long run.

Nowadays, purchasing additional land and equipment for business development is not enough. The whole organization is not benefitting from the investment. In fact, only a selected portion does. Organizations sometimes compromise one or two sectors, and all too often, it is usually learning and development.

Incompetency is a common issue in the work force – most especially in this fast-paced world where change is constant – yet this detail is sometimes being overlooked. Creating a multifaceted human resource management may cost a lot and investing in learning and development may cause potential delay in work, but the positive impact that it may bring to the organization is being taken for granted. They get to miss out on these opportunities which can take their business to the next level:

More work gets done.
Trainings anchored to the organization and employees’ needs allow them to broaden their knowledge and sharpen their abilities, enabling them to perform their jobs better. Exposing them to important know-hows make them competent and make you a solid contender within the industry. It’s all a chain reaction. Carrying out tasks will be easier, which brings the possibility of completing more work. And when more work gets done, more money comes in.

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You can guarantee producing quality goods or services.
Learning and development programs are geared towards engraving new vital skills and honing abilities workers already have. Flaws in the organization can be addressed, reducing inefficiency in workers. They become aware of the techniques and best used practices that can ensure the quality of their input, assuring nothing but the best for your organization.

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Learning produces ROI.
In Skilled Up’s article, according to Todd Tauber, the Vice President of Learning & Development Research in Bersin by Deloitte, learning and development is at the core of what high impact performing organizations do. The article stated that investing in trainings resulted with companies like Cheesecake Factory and Automated Data Processing (ADP) Inc. increasing its revenue. Vermont-based businesses like IBM and Green Mountain Coffee generally had high growth in their companies. Set aside doubts because in the long run, just like these companies, the return will be worth it.

A continuous learning environment creates proficient workers committed to reaching your organization’s goal. Only when an organization is able continuously reinvent itself will it be able to gain success.


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