Next masterclass in South Africa to target treasury professionals

3 December 2015

Salvo Global is going to hold its masterclass entitled World-class Treasury Management, a course focused implementing practical and cost-effective strategies in treasury management, on the 7th to 9th of March 2016 in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Corporate treasury is gradually becoming more complex. Having a wide range of responsibilities, ranging from managing debt, risk, and liquidity, the department now demands its workers to be more versatile in the different fields of treasury. Added to that demand is the challenge to operate efficiently in the competitive grounds of the global market place.

Expect in Salvo’s World-class Treasury Management masterclass to learn Best Practice tools and techniques in all areas of global Treasury management and how to apply them in organizations to improve control, optimize asset utilization, reduce cost, and leverage staff.

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The 3-day interactive course will have workshops tailored for two audiences with congruent learning objectives. The first will provide Corporate Treasury, Accounting, and Finance professionals with current, practical knowledge on how to transform Treasury into a world-class operation at a reduced cost. The other will provide commercial bankers in Treasury sales, product development, internal operations and marketing with an in-depth understanding of their customer’s world and Treasury Best Practice tools and techniques in order to support client requirements.

CFOs, MDs, Treasurers, Assistant Treasurers, Directors of Treasury, VP Finance, Directors, Bankers, and Senior Managers responsible for corporate treasury, liquidity management, bank marketing, internal audit, finance, and accounting, and other treasury-related fields are all encouraged to attend the masterclass.

A US consultant with more than 30 years of experience in Treasury will be the trainer for the course. His expertise include global cash management, cash forecasting, treasury technology, investments, debt, foreigh exchange and working capital management.

Registration for the course is now open. Save up to $200 if you register before 10 December 2015 with our Early Bird Promo! For more details on the event, visit Salvo’s website at For enquiries, contact Salvo Global at

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