Leadership development – key focus of Salvo’s upcoming masterclass

16 March 2016

A masterclass entitled Transformational Leadership and Change Management organized by Salvo Global will be held on 30 November – 2 December 2016 in Cape Town, South Africa. The course is marketed towards managers and senior-level executives aspiring to become transformational leaders and change managers.

The business landscape is constantly changing to a more complex and unpredictable setting. Business leaders today need to match and adapt to the change and develop abilities that can engage the new workforce. The current situation however, shows that this is not the case. According to the report Center for Creative Leadership made in 2014, leaders are no longer developing fast enough or in the right ways to match the new environment, making leadership development a continuing top pressing business issue globally.

The masterclass will enlighten delegates as to why transformational leadership and change management are essential to managers and workers today. Through heavy discussion and case study analysis, they will be able to review models of change management and examine when and how they are used, describe the characteristics/skills associated with transformational leadership and change management, and learn categories of change, change management, and transformational leadership and when each is appropriate to use.

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The international trainer invited for the course is one of the three most recognizable names in the field of Human Resources by a market study. He is a published author of more than 300 books and articles such as “Workplace Learning & Performance Roles: The Manager and The Change Leader”, “The Strategic Development of Talent”, and the famous “Effective Succession Planning – 3rd Edition”. He provided consultation for more than 50 multinational companies which include, Ford Motor Company, Sony, Singapore Tourism Board and Ministry of Finance, Anglo Platinum, Hewlett-Packard University, Citygroup, and many more.

The course is designed for line managers, middle management, senior-level executives, and those that wish to attract, develop, or retain transformational leaders. Team Leaders, Superintendents, Managers, Senior Managers, Vice Presidents, Directors, General Managers, Chief Department Heads, Chief Executives, and other related job roles are recommended to join. Departments targeted for the course are Human Resources, Change Management, Leadership, Strategic Planning, Corporate Planning, Operations, Sales, Marketing, Procurement, Business Development, and more.

Registration for the course is now open. Avail of the Early Bird Discount if you book and pay before 29 August 2016. You may download brochures for the event here and for other enquiries, you may contact us at marketing@salvoglobal.com.

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