Production Decline Analysis for Vertical and Horizontal Wells

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19th - 21st August 2019 | Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
  • Apply the fundamental concepts of decline curve analysis and Arps decline curves analysis for reserves evaluation during boundary dominated flow regime
  • Master Fetkovich decline curves analysis and related type curves and assess the effects of transient regime
  • Understand the principles of Blasingame decline curves analysis and related advantages by respect to Arps & Fekovitch decline curves analysis
  • Learn about the effects of layering, changing fluids and introduction of two-phase flow on performance
  • Understand the expected differences between vertical, fractured and horizontal well performance
  • Comprehend the normalizing time and production rate to obtain a more cohesive performance culture
  • Learn how to develop methods to estimate reserves when transient conditions exist
  • Understand the utility of studying multiple plots when analyzing well behavior is discussed and illustrated

Reservoir engineers and professionals who work in collaboration with reservoir engineers, including well engineers, facilities engineers, process engineers, petrophysicists and geoscientists.

  • Reservoir Engineers
  • Well Engineers
  • Facilities Engineers
  • Process Engineers
  • Petrophysicists
  • Geoscientists
  • Economists
  • Planners
  • Management

Salvo Global’s course is developed to address three main issues. It is designed to show the different forecasting tools used to forecast oil and gas reserves. Accurate forecast is mandatory for production operations, facilities design, well design and configuration and economic evaluation of oil and gas investments. The course involves extensive problem sessions in which the participants gain hands-on experience with forecasting real life production data using various methods. The limitations of the methods are presented to make sure that the participants pick the correct method to use in their respective situation. Time is also dedicated to generating probabilistic production forecasts (P10, P50 & P90) and building Excel models to forecast production.

The course also shows tools that can be used to diagnose reservoir problems. Well test analysis results are typically used to identify any reservoir anomalies such as faults, distance to fault, dual porosity system, wellbore storage and so on. Performance forecasting methods such as PI, IPR are also used.

Decline curve analysis in conventional and unconventional reservoirs. How decline curves and well test data can be used to diagnose reservoir anomalies.



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