Advanced Earned Value Management (EVM) for Projects

22nd - 24th April 2019 | Bangkok, Thailand
  • Manage the use of the Earned Value Management (EVM) project control method as an essential decision-making tool for the success of projects and programs
  • Understand the added value and the benefits of EVM in the overall management of a project-based organization
  • Recognize how to use EVM effectively as a key tool for communication among the project stakeholders and with executive management
  • Learn all the required technical knowledge to implement the EVM method in real project environments
  • Know how to integrate effectively the EVM method with: the scope definition (WBS), the project budget, the project schedule, the risk process, and with the organizational responsibilities (OBS/RAM)
  • Analyse and understand the essential technical and organizational requirements to implement effectively the EVM method in projects and organizations
  • Differentiate the importance and benefits of maintaining a data base of EVM metrics of past projects as the basis for controls and continuous improvement
  • Know how to explore the benefits of software tools to support the practical implementation of the EVM method
  • Discover how to apply the EVM concepts to program and portfolio management
  • Master the international EVM standards from PMI, AACE International, CPM and ISO, and understand the future trend of EVM as a key and essential performance management tool

One of the most critical problems that project management professionals face is the management of the performance on their project. The two most common challenges a project manager faces in any industry are cost and schedule overruns. In many instances there is no forewarning; schedule slips, costs soar and often quality is also impacted; the project manager is faced with the near impossible task of explaining why each impact occurred and why the root-causes were not addressed early in the project.

Performance measurement as the basis to manage projects, programs and portfolios, is becoming increasingly important for project-based organizations. Developed as joint effort between NASA and the US Department of Defence (DoD), back in the mid-60s, Earned Value Management (EVM) has been maturing and evolving over the last decades as the global de facto standard for performance measurement and project control, having deserved the attention of the most prominent standardization organizations like ISO, CPM, AACE International and the Project Management Institute (PMI), all of which have recently developed global standards specific for the implementation, adoption and certification in Earned Value Management.

Salvo’s 3-day masterclass will provide stakeholders with reliable data and quantitative information about the project status and performance, so that more effective decisions can be devised to improve a project’s success. The adoption of EVM implies a cultural change towards objectivity, proactivity and opportunity management, where variation, deviations and changes are all the source for developing knowledge, gaining better understanding and improving a project. EVM is also the foundation for auditability in projects. The traditional alternatives to project control without EVM is the sole use of intuitive and empirical decision-making based on personal experience confined to managers’ “comfort-zones”, the use of financial cash-flow control metrics (which clearly fail to see the whole picture), or, at best, “home-made” metrics which do not capitalize on existing standards knowledge, nor provide a basis for benchmarking, a common-language, auditability and a basis for continuous improvement. Knowing EVM and being updated to the latest developments constitutes a key requirement for all professionals involved in making or influencing management and business decisions in projects, programs and portfolios.

  • Know Precisely whether or not your projects are on the path to success.
  • Become distinguished for your ability to effectively plan, execute, control and lead projects in the right direction.
  • Demonstrate to stakeholders whether or not they are getting the value for money they are spending.
  • Boost your company’s overall competitiveness, Return on Investment (ROI), and chances of winning major projects.
  • Improve your ability to report, interpret and communicate the project’s true status.
  • Integrate an accurate Periodic Cost and Schedule Performance index, and to-Complete Performance Index, for Risk Analysis and as benchmark.
  • Set reliable Early Warning Indicators for your projects

This course is intended particularly for all the professionals who are or will be responsible for controlling or supporting
programs and large or complex projects, services and systems, including the following:

  • Project Controls Manager
  • Project Controllers
  • Earned Value Specialists
  • Programme Directors/Managers
  • Project Planners & Schedulers
  • Risk Management Offices Staff
  • Project Management Office Staff
  • Project Team Members
  • Cost Managers
  • Cost Controllers & Engineers
  • Project Sponsors
  • Project Consultants
  • Project Specialists
  • Project Engineers
  • Top Management
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