Essential tips for your business to thrive this 2017

11 January 2017
Vectors used are from Freepik
Vectors used are from Freepik

As the new year begins, companies must reflect on previous accomplishments and prepare for the days to come. Companies need effective and realistic strategies on how to create new selling opportunities, overcome future issues, and stay on top.

For better chances of success this 2017, here are essential and practical tips:

Evaluate (and revise, if needed) your business plan.

Your business plan is the systematic and detailed representation of what you envision for your company and how you can make that vision come to life. Even though business plans may project several years ahead, it is still wise to monitor at least once a year whether you are on the right track in achieving your objectives.

Were you able to allocate your resources effectively? Does your current situation coincide with the original plan? In what direction is your business heading? What steps must you take to keep it growing? By answering these questions and analyzing the steps you’ve previously taken, you are able to come up with revisions and better options on how to make your business grow in the next following months.

Brush up on industry regulations.

Stay on the lookout for new policies that governing bodies to be released that can affect your business. For example, Malaysia has issued a new policy document on compliance which has taken effect at the start of 2017. The Philippine government is also planning to ban sub-contracting by this year. It’s important to stay informed even of the minor changes so there won’t be any surprises on your part. Make use of services such as Google Alert, Talkwalker, and the likes to help you keep tabs.

Invest in employee development.

Foreseen issues in retention this year wouldn’t be a problem for you if you give your employees opportunities to grow.

You see, investing in employee development can be a win-win situation. Studies have shown that employees develop a sense of loyalty in companies that give them a sense of purpose and help progress their career. By engaging employees in succession and off-site trainings, they can achieve professional and personal growth and enhance their skills which will enable them to perform better and produce better revenue.

Trim down expenses even when you don’t need to.

One of the main reasons why businesses fail is because expenses get out of hand. It’s only good business sense to practice examining your expenses and cutting costs regularly, even when you’re making good profit. It can be difficult to cut down especially when revenue generation is stable, but do them nonetheless. There could be potential unnecessary costs disguised that throw your money down the drain.

Innovate and reinvent.

Last but not the least, never be complacent. Study competitors and learn what you should be doing to get ahead. Brainstorm and test out ideas on how you can take advanced of your sales and marketing efforts. Come up with ways on how to increase your profitability. Continue striving to be better to be the best.

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