Prescriptive Maintenance

As we move into the 4th Industrial revolution and advances within equipment maintenance techniques by manufacturers a new dawn has evolved. Predictive maintenance captures the data generated by equipment sensors, facilitates data communication between devices through Internet-based connectivity, uses algorithms to identify anomalies in operation, and predicts asset failure. This has now provided companies with the ability to reduce maintenance and downtime plus costs by identifying expected failures, breakdowns, plus various operational risks to assets and equipment machinery diagnostics. With the use of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technologies through machine learning, cloud computing and real time data analytics improving machinery, equipment lifespans thus providing companies with an effi cient maintenance process and is known as prescriptive maintenance.

Prescriptive maintenance allows for improvements within company’s maintenance processes making use of cognitive analytics and IIoT tools which can provide solutions as an option to the maintainer. When a change in the equipment (the data) occurs, prescriptive maintenance will not only show what and when a failure is going to happen, but why it is happening. Prescriptive maintenance will take this analysis and determine different options and the potential outcomes to mitigate any risk to the operation. The data and analysis will continue, constantly adjusting the potential outcomes and making revised recommendations, improving the accuracy of the results.

Prescriptive Maintenance can drastically transform how maintenance is performed throughout any industry. By evolving from time based, to condition based, to predictive and prescriptive maintenance, companies are evolving their maintenance systems from being simply effi cient to becoming truly
strategic. Beyond maintenance, cognitive systems can integrate maintenance and operations data with other data sources, such as quality, warranty and engineering data, to become critical to how entire companies operate.

With the automation of many industries and the explosion of computers and sensors, condition-based maintenance has become machine-led. Sensors built into equipment provide real-time readings to centralized systems, that help maintenance teams maintain equipment before problems occur.

Salvo Global’s 4-day intensive Masterclass on “Prescriptive Maintenance” will impart practical applications for implementing, measuring results and successfully applying today’s best practices for Prescriptive Maintenance. In addition, delegates will be introduced to the advantages of utilizing prescriptive maintenance in their organization.

Top Learning Objectives

  • Comprehend the principles of an effective Work Management Process and utilizing IIoT information
  • Acquire knowledge on Single/Dynamic Strategy Cycles, Time-based based on Prescriptive and Predictive Maintenance techniques
  • Determine Strategy based maintenance for Predictive & Preventive Maintenance utilizing Big Data and IIoT, Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM), PM Optimization, TPM, and Statistical Analysis and Prescriptive maintenance
  • Understand Condition Based Maintenance, Preventive & Predictive Maintenance and transforming IIoT and big data analytics
  • Predict issues and possible imminent failures within  through IIoT reporting
  • Compare the performance of current Maintenance Methods through Big Data and IIoT
  • Improvements within Work Management Maintenance, Scheduling and Planning Process
  • Integrate Cost Optimization using effective measurement, reporting and analysis through IIoT and Big Data analytics
  • Understand Cloud Based Artificial intelligence to predict future maintenance and forecasting trends and maintenance business requirements

Who Should Attend?

This course is very relevant to technical engineers and professionals who handle and are responsible for their organization’s maintenance, as well as the overall smooth operations and processes of their organization’s plants and machineries. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Maintenance Superintendents
  • Maintenance Managers
  • Asset Managers
  • CMMS Managers
  • IIOT Specialists
  • Plant Directors
  • Plant Managers
  • Plant Engineers
  • Maintenance Analysts
  • Preventive Maintenance Supervisors
  • Preventive Maintenance Engineers
  • Predictive Maintenance Supervisors
  • Predictive Maintenance Engineers
  • Maintenance Supervisors
  • Maintenance Engineers
  • Maintenance Planners
  • Maintenance Schedulers
  • Maintenance Foremen
  • Maintenance Planners
  • Physical Asset Managers
  • Reliability Managers
  • Reliability Engineers
  • Engineering Managers
  • Operations Managers

From the following industries – but not limited to:

  • Mining
  • Manufacturing
  • Power & Utilities
  • Oil & Gas
  • Petrochemicals
  • Chemicals
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Food & Beverage
  • Automotive
  • Construction

Trainer's Background

The Trainer has 30 years of experience in Maintenance and Reliability training worldwide, having successfully delivered training throughout Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

He has worked with major international companies such as Shell, Marathon Oil, Conoco Phillips, Dolphin Drilling, Chevron, Total, and DONG Energy, managing and delivering Maintenance and Reliability training in key areas such as Total Productive Maintenance (TPM), Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM), Life Cycle Management (LCM), Root Cause Analysis (RCA), Risk Based Inspection (RBI), Criticality Analysis, KPI Management/Analysis, Maintenance Planning and Scheduling, and many other related areas.

He is also an accredited Operational Excellence Auditor within Shell and an International Maintenance & Reliability Trainer and has specialist knowledge within SAP Plant Maintenance interfacing within all other SAP modules.

The trainer has helped many notable organizations achieve improved performance through training and consulting advise. These include:

  • Advanced Military, Repair and Overhaul Centre
  • Dubai Electricity & Water Authority
  • Marafiq Utility Company
  • National Company for Mchanical Systems
  • Oman Airport
  • Shell
  • Marathon Oil
  • Dong Energy
  • Rayong Engineering and Construction
  • Total
  • Conoco Phillips
  • Saudi Aramco
  • Moustafa Construction Group
  • ADD Latent Energy
  • Texaco global
  • MCT Maintenance
  • Wood Group
  • Petroleum Development Oman
  • Aramco Luberef
  • Saudi basic Industries
  • Emirates General Petroleum
  • Middle East Propulsion Company
  • The National Electronic Security Authority
  • Al-Elm Information Security Company
  • Brandix
  • Dolphin Energy
  • Dalma Gulf

Event Details

21st – 24th April
Dubai, UAE

The trainer has great knowledge of maintenance processes. The combination makes him an invaluable resource when aiming to make improvements in the maintenance area.

Upstream Safety Manager
(Shell Upstream)