World-class Dynamic Budgeting and Forecasting

Most finance professionals in large companies are dissatisfi ed with budgets; they often believe too much time and resources are spent on this activity. Some even believe budgets may even be harmful to the organization, as managers engage more in game playing rather than maximizing shareholder returns. Many believe budgets don’t deliver all that they should and suspect there must be a better way. These thoughts and ideas have led to the development of new tools and techniques, some quite radical, even proposing the complete abandonment conventional budgets.

This programme introduces some of these ideas but also develops them so that delegates can identify some practical new approaches which they can realistically take back into their own businesses.

The programme also reviews emerging ideas and breakthroughs on managing and reducing costs without causing long-term damage to the business. It covers approaches to help organizations effectively delegate budgets and cost management responsibility to managers while still delivering long-term corporate strategy and customer value.

Salvo Global’s 3-day interactive masterclass uses a mixture of exercises, discussion and real-life case studies to keep the training lively, practical and relevant. It includes some of the latest research on good practice in budgeting and cost management.

Throughout the program, delegates will be encouraged to build an action plan, listing the positive action they are going to do when they get back to their business to make budgeting and cost management better.

Top Learning Objectives

• Develop dynamic rapid and on-going cost reduction and control management
• Implement strategies and tools and techniques to encourage and enable staff to improve cost management and control
 Learn and apply balanced scorecards and relative KPI’s to monitor budgeting and forecasting performance
 Integrate cost reduction into budgets and plans within the organization
• Build more effective budgeting and forecasting at all times and not only during challenging times
• Utilize the toolbox- practical tools and templates to impact cost management performance straight away at your workplace
 Utilize an effective budgeting approach with rolling forecast for improved decision making
• Initiate effective cost management culture and reduction culture in your organization
• Master modern costing techniques for advanced budgeting
• Apply qualitative and quantitative forecasting tools and techniques to evaluate and stay ahead of potential financial risks affecting the organization

Who Should Attend?

This course is designed for Managers, Supervisors, General Managers, Heads, Team Leaders, Vice Presidents, Directors, CFO’s and Coordinators of:

• Finance
• Accounting
• Financial Planning
• Budgeting and Reporting

• Cost Management
• Strategic Planning
• Cash Management
• Treasury

Event Details

3rd – 5th June 2020
Colombo, Sri Lanka