Upstream Data Management

Data management and integration across siloed engineering sectors is fundamental to any advanced analytical workflow. All soft computing techniques implemented in a suite of processes or methodologies to address E&P value propositions are reliant on a sound data management platform. It is critical to transpose raw disparate data into actionable knowledge via integration and ggregation workflows.

The training is designed to introduce and educate data management personnel working in the O&G industry with the key principles of developing automated and semi-automated workflows that enable a robust data management platform. This course is ideal for IT and OT professionals interested in ensuring the integrity and value of the most important assets in O&G: Data.

The course shall help attendees to develop a conceptual data management platform applicable to the upstream spatial and time series data. The program will help attendees understand the different tiers of a practical data management platform that can transform raw data into actionable knowledge. We shall discuss each tier in a Data Management architecture separately:

  • Information Platform
  • Knowledge Platform
  • Collaboration and Analytical Platform
  • Performance Platform

Top Learning Objectives

  • Develop key skills in data management
  • Create automated and semi-automated workflows for data quality, data integration and master data management processes
  • Apply database performance to key stages of exploration and production
  • Discover the fundamental changes to the way data are collected, stored and analysed to support real-time intelligence and condensed decision-making cycles
  • Understand the phases that includes data profiling, data quality, data integration, data enrichment and data monitoring
  • Adopt methodologies to support the entire data integration life cycle through an integrated phased approach
  • Learn how to access and quickly draw insights from different subsurface data sets without getting lost in the amount of information that is present

Who Should Attend?

This course is specifically designed for personnel directly responsible and/or involved in Well Integrity for both onshore and offshore field:

  • IT and OT Executives
  • Data Custodians
  • Data Management Specialists
  • Upstream Geoscientists
  • Data management and Resources
  • Data Scientists
  • Technical Data Information Executives
  • Data Management
  • Department Heads and Managers
  • Asset Integrity
  • Project Engineering and management
  • Operations
  • Production
  • Process Engineering
  • Inspection

Event Details

6th – 8th May 2019
Johannesburg, South Africa