Sequence Stratigraphy in Carbonate and Siliciclastic Systems

Sequence stratigraphy has proven to be a powerful tool in understanding and predicting the distribution, geometry, and continuity of elements of reservoir, source, and seal.  The aim of this one-week course is to provide a general overview of the principles of sequence stratigraphy, and to demonstrate its application to exploration and production.

The course will include providing conceptual models, developing a workflow to examine core, log, and seismic data, and reviewing how these data can be integrated in a sequence stratigraphic framework.  Key examples will illustrate how sequence stratigraphy can be used to subdivide a reservoir, constrain reservoir models, and generate high-resolution, geologically constrained predictions of reservoir systems, and exercises will emphasize and expand on these concepts.  The course will include discussion of concepts and applications, and practical hands-on examples, from both carbonate and siliciclastic systems.

Top Learning Objectives

  • Learn fundamental sequence stratigraphic concepts in carbonate & siliciclastic systems
  • Appreciate the value of siliciclastic and carbonate sequence stratigraphy
  • Identify sequence stratigraphic elements in core, log, and seismic data
  • Understand the sequence stratigraphic workflow for reservoir characterization and prediction
  • Integrate geological and geophysical data through the use of sequence stratigraphic analysis
  • Apply sequence stratigraphic analysis to the prediction of reservoir properties in exploration and production settings

Who Should Attend?

This course is designed for but not limited to those who are directly involved with sequence stratigraphy to reservoir characterization or prediction in operations, and those who need a deeper understanding of the complexity and problems associated with sequence stratigraphy.

  • Sedimentologists (Sample & Core Description)
  • Geoscientists (Interpretation, Modeling & Processing)
  • Geophysicists (Seismic Stratigraphy and Interpretation, Seismic Attribute)
  • Reservoir, Petroleum, and Project Engineers (Evaluation ,Properties, & Volumetric)
  • Petrophysicists (Rock & Fluid Properties)
  • Explorationists / Exploration Managers (Work Planning & Economic Evaluation)

Event Details

12th – 14th May
Dubai, UAE