Pumps Maintenance and Reliability Excellence

Pumps make more than 90% of plant machineries and maintenance issues. Unacceptably large number of pumps fail unnecessarily or sometime catastrophically every year. The over-riding aim of pumps and system training course is to reduce the costs associate with owning, running pumps, while increasing efficiency and capacity.

Organizations spend millions running and repairing pumps.  Nine out of ten pumps fail early. If we can improve reliability we can reduce the cost of owning pumps considerably. Power is a major cost for any organization. If we can reduce the amount of power required to run our pumps, we can reduce the cost of owning them considerably. Appropriate selection and operating at BEP, World class practices provide great reliability and availability.

Salvo’s 3-day course will give attendees practical techniques for optimizing pumps performance, achieve high reliability and availability and therefore make a huge difference to the organization’s profitability. The attendees are led through the road to high Pumps reliability and availability through failures analysis for Pumps’ failure avoidance; Pumps’ failure analysis and troubleshooting.

Top Learning Objectives

  • Become aware and sensitive to failures and tale tellers of ever elusive, overlooked, undocumented, and hidden more proactive culture and failure elimination strategies and techniques
  • Explain and map out practical remedies and preventive  and proactive actions to pumps’ unreliability and availability to be taken by operators, technicians, engineers and managers
  • Discover the balanced view between pumps’ design, procurement, and practical use, based on mechanical and hydraulic  loads and stresses  distribution
  • Provide guidelines and details that must be considered by reliability-focused pumps’ users
  • Become aware of a number of risky omissions or shortcuts by designers, manufacturers, and Users-operators that must be processed into specifications that ultimately result in procuring more reliable pumps
  • Comprehend how the system controls the pumps
  • Learn how to read pump curves and how pumps really operate
  • Teach how the flow rate impacts on pump reliability – what is the reliable operating range
  • Design better systems and select better pumps, leading to improved reliability
  • Avoid operational problems that lead to pump failures;  why pumps vibrate and why seals and Bearings fail
  • Understand what i s and what cause cavitation, why they occurs and how to avoid them
  • Master how pumps should be installed and commissioned – avoid those common commissioning failures

Event Details

10th – 12th June 2020
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia