Production Engineering and Optimization

The course provides the design an optimum well completion, prediction of Oil and Gas production Rate, type of Artificial lift requirement, design of compression, bottlenecks identification, under-performing wells, prediction of liquid loading and design velocity string. The course will stress the importance of optimizing the flow efficiency and optimize production at low cost. Also provides the discussion on the important technologies in water and sand control, multi-phase pump, stimulation, horizontal & multi-lateral well completion. The course covers both fundamentals and hand-on computer workshop solving class problems and actual well cases using available NODAL analysis software.

Top Learning Objectives

  • Utilize Nodal Analysis and its Applications [NODAL Systems Analysis Approach
  • Understand the Objectives of Nodal Analysis using Actual Field Cases]
  • Review PVT Fundamentals and Multi-Phase Flow in Vertical and Deviated Tubing [Gas Condensates
  • Learn about Black Oil, Mechanics of Multi-Phase Flow, Vertical and Horizontal Multi-Phase Flow Correlations, Tubing Performance Curves, Tuning Pressure Drop Correlation
  • Discover Inflow Performance Curve and Well Completion Effects
  • Review Theoretical IPR’s: Radial Darcy and Horizontal Well, Empirical IPR’s
  • Understand Gas Wells Oil Wells, Real Skin and Pseudo Skins, Multi-Layers, Horizontal and Multi-Laterals, Vertical Versus Horizontal, Monobore Completion
  • Improve Total System Analysis

Who Should Attend?

This course is designed for but not limited to those who gain more understanding on the latest techniques and strategies for production engineering:

  • Petroleum Engineer
  • Production Engineer
  • Reservoir Engineer
  • Production, reservoir and Drilling Engineer as well as Field Superintendent and Supervisor with some years of experience in this field Physicists
  • Reservoir Engineers

Event Details

13th – 15th July 2020
Accra, Ghana