Mastering Production Sharing Contracts

Effectively negotiate the terms and incorporate into an enforceable agreement is the key to mastering PSC.  Increase your understanding of the legal issues involved in PSC will improve your negotiation techniques and skills.

After attending this course, delegates will be better equipped with the fundamentals of PSCs, along with negotiation techniques and strategies that work in international and multicultural settings. Delegates will also master how to effectively negotiate in concert with counsel and how to get the terms negotiated incorporated into an enforceable agreement. The five-day training course is specifically designed for professionals involved nationally and internationally in the oil and gas industry, it offers a unique opportunity to rapidly increase your understanding of the legal issues involved in production sharing contracts and to improve your negotiation techniques and skills in drafting a variety of related contracts.

Top Learning Objectives

  • Gain an appreciation for optimal offshore field development and implementation, covering many diverse situations
  • Understand the various risks associated with offshore field development and how to manage such risks
  • Understand the reasons why projects may fail and how to prevent such failures through better project analysis or management
  • Appreciate the interdisciplinary nature and teamwork required for successful projects
  • Understand unique project processes such as “Tollgating” and Project implementation review
  • Review course requirements for major oil and gas projects from planning to scheduling and control
  • Learn all major aspects of project management for oil and gas
  • Comprehend project guidelines and standards demonstrated by numerous examples and case studies to pinpoint where projects have fallen short

Who Should Attend?

  • People involved in PSC negotiation and administration—Operator, Contractor
  • People involved in reducing the legal and contract risks for their companies


Job Titles Include:

  • Legal Advisors
  • Contract Managers/Executives
  • Commercial managers
  • Business Development Managers
  • Finance/Accounting Managers
  • Government Representatives
  • Policy Makers
  • Regulators
  • Insurance and Risk managers
  • Economics managers

Event Details

7th – 9th October 2020
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia