HPHT Troubleshooting

HPHT Drilling, Completion, Intervention and Workover Operations are amongst the most expensive rig-based operations in the world. And as seen from a fairly recent North Sea HPHT Well Integrity Incident trouble-shooting goes a long way to determine cause, effect and subsequent cost of repair. There are also the associated costs of lost production whilst adjacent wells to a failed well are shut-in which clearly suggests an in-place early trouble-shooting program to be a necessity rather than an ideal. The course takes delegates through HPHT well planning, design, well construction, well production and well integrity so that “trouble-shooting” can be achieved at the first sign of problems. The information given during the course can be cross-referenced to help the assessor as to what may be happening if there’s a problem on his well / platform and what the solution might / should be.

Top Learning Objectives

  • Understand the difference of the characteristics between normal wells and HPHT wells, and address what should be done differently in handling HPHT wells
  • Learn the techniques in HPHT Well Planning with an in-depth focus on reservoir data acquisition and equipment handling
  • Manage personnel support through proper identification of the specific roles of the different parties involved
  • Assure equipment reliability through proper overseeing of specification process of equipment standards for HPHT wells
  • Apply best practices for Drilling, Testing, & Tripping in HPHT wells
  • Improve on detecting and controlling well control events, and implement techniques to maintain efficient operations in HPHT wells
  • Overcome barriers in efficient well operations by learning about well integrity practices and remedies, with a focus on handling annulus barriers
  • Understand the problems associated with High Pressures & High Temperatures
  • Know the importance of choosing the right rig and crew for the job
  • Why – and how – HPHT wells are designed as they are and the things to look out for during well design and well construction
  • Master HPHT tools / systems and materials used to drill these wells e.g. directional tools, MPD, cementing, drilling fluids etc.
  • The importance of appropriately tested well barriers; engineering systems, operational systems and well integrity systems.

Event Details

15th – 17th June 2020
Makati, Philippines