HPHT Drilling and Well Engineering

This course covers the key aspects HPHT Drilling Operations in detail through the media of: Course Materials (written by the Trainer); Videos;Case history examples; and Teamwork exercises. New technologies available to the Industry are also covered. Provision is also made for delegates to discuss any aspect of HPHT Drilling Operations which are pertinent to their particular up-coming projects in order to secure maximum success first time. For each subject area, benefits of certain industry practices are covered in detail as well as why difficulties are encountered on the rig. Solutions are presented (e.g. optimal drilling and practices per IADC) so that the well to be drilled is a success first-time.

Top Learning Objectives

  • UNDERSTAND the key drivers behind successful HPHT Drilling Operations so that their wells are successful.
  • LEARN the techniques in  HPHT Wells worldwide and what can be done to maximise success and minimise failure
  • APPLY best practices for drilling, testing and tripping in HPHT wells
  • IMPROVE on detecting and  controlling  well  control  events  and  implement techniques  to maintain efficient operations in HPHT wells
  • MANAGE to overcome barriers in efficient well operation by learning about well integrity practices and remedies, with a focus on handling annulus barriers

Who Should Attend?

This course is specifically designed for, but not limited to employees in the oil and gas industry who holds the following roles:

  • Drilling Engineers
  • Senior Drilling Engineers
  • Drilling Superintendents
  • Drilling Managers
  • Offshore Drilling Engineers
  • Drilling Supervisors
  • Contracts Logistics & Emergency Response Personnel

Event Details

27th April – 30th April 2020
Accra, Ghana