Gravity & Magnetic Methods for Exploration

Salvo Global’s course on GRAVITY & MAGNETIC METHODS FOR EXPLORATION, is developed to enhance exploration findings through the techniques of gravity and magnetic data analysis. Get to know these methods and how they can be used in an exploration program to map the sub surface 3D geological structure. This program shall address the role Gravity and Magnetic Methods play in an exploration program, and most importantly when and how to use these methods. The program will cover the theoretical drivers of these methods, including acquisition, processing, interpreting, and integrating data findings together with seismic results.

The participants will be actively involved in exercises with real data sets and software to be practiced on. The attendees will learn the key concepts behind the methods for using gravity and magnetic and how they can be applied for exploration.

After attending this program, participants will gain an enhanced way of analyzing basins together with seismic analysis.

This program may incorporate actual cases of the company’s current work challenges for a general discussion and integrated ‘hands-on’ problem solving during the workshop. Data statistics and incident examples are welcome as additions to the workshop material and also to help focus the direction of the program on the on-going issues and on-the-job difficulties of the participants. This ensures the most efficient use of training time by applying the learned material immediately to actual work cases.

Top Learning Objectives

  • Understand the fundamental magnetic interpretation problems that occur close to the magnetic equator
  • Learn the latest application of gravity and magnetic methods
  • Discover how gravity and magnetic explorations work and what controls the shape and size of animalities
  • Review the methods of acquisition of exploration data and construct grids and maps of different anomaly types
  • Master how the grids undergo “Advanced Processing” in a similar manner to seismic attribute analysis to generate derivative maps that allow the position of subsurface geological structures to be mapped
  • Understand the fundamentals of magnetic interpretation problems that occur close to the magnetic equator and how they can be overcome
  • Distinguish how derivatives are used to provide depth estimates to the top of the structure giving a 3D visualization of basement structures under investigation

Who Should Attend?

This training program is developed and designed for people who involved in exploration projects, and would like to apply complementary methods that can enhance seismic methods. This program is suitable for Exploration Geophysicists through to Exploration Project Managers needing to make exploration decisions. In order to fully appreciate the course, ideal attendees are geophysicists with at least 2-3 years’ experiences, or new Exploration Project Managers.

Event Details

4th – 6th November 2019
Johannesburg, South Africa