Carbonate Reservoirs: Sedimentology and Sequence Stratigraphy

Significant oil and gas discoveries in carbonate reservoirs (East Mediterranean, Caribbean, SE Asia, offshore Brazil, U.S. Permian Basin) in the last 15       years triggered a renaissance in carbonate exploration. This effort has been accompanied with new research in modern analogs, seismic facies analysis and petrophysical evaluation of carbonate reservoirs. [if you need to make it shorter, eliminate the underlined sentence] This course provides a necessary up to date review of carbonate sedimentology and sequence stratigraphy with emphasis on their practical applications for oil and gas exploration, appraisal and production.

Top Learning Objectives

  • Describe and classify typical carbonate rocks, interpret facies relationships, delineate stratigraphic sequences and correlate facies within them. Process new information in a way they can apply it to their own exploration and development projects 
  • Consolidate and reproduce the learnings through exercises, applications and interactive discussions.
  • Identify basic characteristics of carbonates important to reservoir development
  • Apply sequence and log-based sequence stratigraphy to carbonates and mixed carbonate-siliciclastic systems
  • Understand the complexities of carbonate pore systems and their impact in reservoir quality
  • Recognize the nature of carbonate porosity modification during diagenesis and the role of sealevel and climate in porosity modification and gross reservoir heterogeneity
  • Better understand subsurface carbonate plays and reservoirs and develop viable exploration and exploitation strategies in carbonate plays by working with subsurface datasets

Who Should Attend?

Designed for geologists, geophysicists, petrophysicists, subsurface managers, reservoir engineers, production technologists, working on carbonate reservoirs in exploration or production environments. The course is meant for all disciplines working on carbonates, in order to be able to work in an integrated way.

Event Details

3rd – 5th February 2020
Dakar, Senegal