Applied Drilling and Well Engineering

As drilling activities continue to increase, professionals like you must comprehend drilling practices and well engineering in order to maximize expenditures throughout the producing life of a well.

Salvo’s applied drilling and well engineering course is developed to provide drilling and well engineers with a more advanced and practical insight into well design, well construction process and detailed drilling program

The course addresses all aspects of well design and well operations including aspects
normally conducted by contractors. Includes Design Process with Practical Examples to enhance the theoretical and practical knowledge of the candidates. The course addresses all aspects of well design and well operations including aspects that are generally conducted by contractors.

Top Learning Objectives

  • Attain solid understanding setting objectives and creating a basis of design for each activity before working the details of their well program
  • Understand the complexities and interaction between various components of well design and the subsequent well operations
  • Obtain a good understanding of well design aspects provided by contractors and understand the associated data requirements of these aspects
  • Interpret the risk management and mitigation aspect of well design and well operations
  • Learn about well pressure control and its calculations
  • Identify trajectory design issues and their influence on torque and drag, wellbore stability and future intervention
  • Learn how to present and defend well design to stakeholders
  • Interpret data form well engineering morning reports and describe common drilling problems
  • Understand the different bit types and applications and perform calculations to support bit run economics
  • Develop minimum capacity specification to deliver well requirements

Who Should Attend?

This course is designed for engineers with good understanding of the principles of drilling engineering, drilling engineers, production and operation engineers, field supervisors, managers and technical support personal who are involved in drilling and completion technology.

Event Details

10th – 12th July 2019
Jakarta, Indonesia