Applied Carbonate Sedimentology and Geomorphology

Although tools and concepts for sequence stratigraphic analysis are well-established, many questions on continuity and geometry of facies bodies, and applications (e.g., geologic modeling) require insight at a subsequence scale, perspectives that can be gained from developing and utilizing fundamental concepts of carbonate sedimentologic and geomorphic principles to explore potential depositional variability in reservoir analogs at the facies scale.

In many carbonate reservoirs, the depositional and facies patterns strongly influence reservoir geometry and continuity. This program will enable you understand the key competencies in carbonate sedimentology which will be key to enhanced interpretation of reservoir systems.

Developing foundational competencies in carbonate sedimentology will be developed through understanding and applying cutting edge research that explored sedimentologic (e.g., depositional porosity and permeability) and geomorphologic (e.g., depositional reservoir body) heterogeneities and early diagenesis of reservoir analogues.

Salvo Global’s course covers data and concepts that will be applied to examples from areas including South China Sea, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Bahamas, UAE, Yucatan Shelf, Arabian Gulf, North America, Africa, Middle East, and Europe

Top Learning Objectives

  • Learn to describe carbonate sediments and rocks in terms of depositional grain types and textures, and discern the characteristics of carbonates from different depositional and early diagenetic environments
  • Improve Identification of the Characteristics of Carbonate Resource
  • Develop meaningful, predictive conceptual models of reservoir quality, geometry and continuity and possible play relationships in subsurface analogs through understanding of depositional controls on reservoirs presented with a range of case studies
  • Master enhanced interpretation and prediction in Reservoir Systems
  • Characterize the controls on the heterogeneity, including geological, physical, chemical, and biological oceanographic aspects of reservoirs, sources, and seals, providing for enhanced interpretation and prediction in reservoir systems
  • Learn the latest innovations in carbonate sedimentary systems
  • Comprehend carbonate environments of depositions

Who Should Attend?

This course is designed for delegates who seek to understand the fundamentals of carbonate sedimentary reservoir systems. The course is recommended for geoscience professionals who work with carbonate reservoirs, but have limited experience.

  • Sedimentologists and Stratigraphers
  • Geologic Modelers
  • Geophysicists (Seismic Stratigraphy and Interpretation, Seismic Attributes)
  • Reservoir, Petroleum, and Project Engineers (Evaluation, Properties, & Volumetrics)
  • Petrophysicists (Rock & Fluid Properties)
  • Explorationists / Exploration Managers (Work Planning & Economic Evaluation)

Event Details

1st – 3rd June 2020
Johannesburg, South Africa