Advanced Quantitative Seismic Interpretation

Quantitative interpretation of seismic data can add a considerable value in the subsurface evaluation process. It provides how to use rock physics to predict the lithologies and pore fl uids from seismic attributes.

Our program provides the knowledge of the possibilities and limitations of the various QI techniques and workflows, essential for successful application. It will teach what data will be required and how it must be pre-conditioned and used for exploration and development.

Recent advances in seismic technology now provide seismic interpreters with advanced tools for risk and resource assessment, and for characterizing reservoirs. The materials covered in this class are designed to help practicing interpreters construct interpretation workfl ows to extract the information necessary to make good business decisions and to convey their ideas to management.

Top Learning Objectives

  • Learn how to model the seismic response of alternative geological scenarios, judge the feasibility of a QI project for a dataset in question
  • Avoid the most common pitfalls in QI
  • Explore field development settings and tools like seismic inversion
  • Predict key reservoir properties outside well control and improve the reliability of reservoir model
  • Utilize seismic data and seismic attributes to enhance reservoir features such as subtle and small faults, lithological variations and lithological signatures
  • Define zones of known reservoir quality and potential fl uid pathways
  • Evaluate and assign attribute volumes that best defi ne specific sequences and facies models
  • Discover geostatistics and interpolation method and techniques
  • Understand refined play-fairway mapping techniques using seismic

Who Should Attend?

Practicing seismic interpreters who wish to improve their interpretation skills and gain awareness of interpretation workflows focusing on stratigraphic interpretation, unconventional reservoir analysis and reservoir management.

  • Geologist
  • Geoscientist
  • Geophysicists
  • Petroleum Enigneers
  • Explorationists
  • Subsurface Manager
  • Exploration Manager

Event Details

19th – 21st August
Bangkok, Thailand