Advanced Geostatistical Reservoir Modelling

Top Learning Objectives

  • Describe situations where the application of geostatistical techniques could assist with reservoir management
  • Prepare data for use with the GSLIB software
  • Quantify the spatial variability using geostatistical tools such as variogram
  • Conduct an exploratory data analysis study for input to geostatistical modeling
  • Quantify the connectivity of reservoir lithofacies, porosity, and permeability using geostatistical tools such as the variogram
  • Construct heterogeneous reservoir models constrained to well and seismic data
  • Describe the limitations of the resulting numerical models and model-building tools

Who Should Attend?

This course is intended for production geologists, geophysicists, and reservoir engineers interested in numerical modelling of rock properties in the interwell region. The course is designed for professionals with an interest in geostatistical techniques for geological reservoir modelling and preparing input arrays of lithofacies, porosity, and permeability for fl ow simulation.

Event Details

4th – 6th September
Makati, Philippines