Advanced Casing Design

The 5-day course will cover relevant subjects required to understand the structural mechanics of downhole tubular. Material aspects, connection selection, performance properties, load cases, design factors and buckling are just a few of the many topics covered. The training is designed to take delegates through the key drivers behind casing design for exploration, appraisal and well developments and their associated risks, challenges and solutions.

Participants will be able to design casing for any well: onshore, offshore, high pressure and high temperature wells, horizontal and multilateral wells.

Top Learning Objectives

  • UNDERSTAND the main functions, characteristics and different types of casing
  • DISCOVER practical troubleshooting techniques that can instantly save you time and money
  • RECOGNIZE the geometric characteristics and properties of casing, and how these can affect performance
  • APPRECIATE the requirements for casing seat selection with regards to subsurface information
  • CONDUCT casing design calculations for different load cases via different methods
  • UNDERSTAND how buckling affects casing design limitations and show an appreciation for mitigating its effects
  • RECOGNIZE the effects of temperature and wear on casing design
  • KNOW how corrosion can reduce casing life / performance and recognize signs of corrosion
  • LEARN the latest best practices and technology in Casing Design

Who Should Attend?

This course is specifically designed for, but not limited to employees in the oil and gas industry who holds the following roles:

  • Drilling Managers
  • Drilling Supervisors
  • Drilling Superintendents
  • Senior Drillers
  • Drilling Engineers
  • Operation Engineers
  • Project Engineers

Event Details

3rd – 5th February 2020
Accra, Ghana