Advanced Portfolio Management

This program will present the principles and best practices of portfolio management in the upstream (E&P) oil and gas industry. It will also examine how the downstream elements of a vertically integrated oil company can be treated in the total portfolio. The course content is equally valuable to small independents, large integrated international companies and national oil companies.

The course consists of a number of lectures supported by practical exercises and syndicate discussions. Particular emphasis is given to pragmatic portfolio management approaches and solutions which can be implemented swiftly without recourse to major investment in planning and portfolio management software. The course will draw on examples taken from the presenter’s 35 years’ experience in the oil and gas industry.

Participants will gain proficiency in portfolio management techniques, understand how and why to undertake this activity and be able to apply key concepts directly in the business of their teams/divisions.

Top Learning Objectives

  • Design a simple portfolio database and describe complex projects in a small number of objective metrics
  • Learn how to segment the portfolio into meaningful units
  • Utilize the portfolio data in making business choices and decisions at the strategic and tactical levels
  • Make comparisons across different portfolio segments
  • Understand and apply the tools, concepts and principles of portfolio management for upstream oil and gas
  • Define the quantitative metrics which are used to describe projects in a portfolio
  • Understand the benefits of portfolio management at different stages of the upstream business, in strategy development, opportunity screening, business development, drilling prospects, conducting appraisal of discoveries and developing fields
  • Put portfolio management in the organizational context
  • Describe the role of the portfolio management team and examine how value assurance is best conducted on portfolio data for projects and assets

Who Should Attend?

This course is specially designed for exploration and development geoscientist, E&P economists and finance staffs and E&P managers. Both technical and non-technical staff will be benefit from the concepts presented. We encourage companies to send several delegates from different functions and organizational seniority levels, we have found this is of great benefit to companies which wish to implement the concepts presented on the course.

Event Details

10th-12th July 2019
Bandung, Indonesia