• Salvo extends Lean Six Sigma Boot Camp in Asia

    27 January 2016

    Salvo Global will hold an intense 5-day masterclass entitled Lean Six Sigma Boot Camp to help management professionals reduce costs and enhance their organisation’s production process. The masterclass will take place on 25-29 April 2016 in Makati, Philippines.

    All organisations, whether big or small, are prone to waste. Some of the biggest sources of corporate waste are common issues like poor tracking of expenses and marketing incorrectly, while some are unexpected faults like using better technology than needed and premature purchasing, as shown in Wealthy Gorilla’s article,. If these errors are not corrected it can bring more problems than profit.

    Introduced by Michael George and Robert Lawrence more than a decade ago, Lean Six Sigma is still one of the best approaches organisations use to continue optimizing its processes and reduce costs because of its delivery of nearly-perfect goods and services. Lean Six Sigma detects possible sources of waste in the business process, eliminates it, and ensures better quality of production.

    Fully endorsed and accredited by The Council for Six Sigma Certification and The Lean Six Sigma International Board, expect from the hard-hitting week of the Lean Six Sigma Boot Camp to be interactive and filled with practical case studies. With the help of the course, be able to create high impact process excellence, reduce operational costs and process variation, cycle time compression, and enhance customer satisfaction.

    Completion and passing the examinations for the 5-day Boot Camp will allow professionals to be awarded a Black Belt Lean Six Sigma Certification. For Green Belt certification (3-day only),delegates will learn about the basics of Lean Six Sigma, data-driven Six Sigma concepts, and blending lean business principles to Six Sigma for the first 3 days. The remaining 2 days will focus on forward-thinking concepts of business and applying inferential statistics to Six Sigma, endorsing them for a Black Belt certification.

    The masterclass is recommended for – but not limited to – management professionals in departments such as Manufacturing and Operations, Construction, Customer Service, Planning, Technical and Engineering, and many more. While Lean Six Sigma is widely used in the Manufacturing industry, it is applicable in all industries because of its business process improvement cause. Professionals from industries such as Power and Utilities, Construction, BPO, Oil and Gas, Telecommunications, Petrochemical, Healthcare, and other industries are welcome to take the course.

    To head the 5-day course is a man identified as the “Guiding Star” by the Society of Manufacturing Engineers. He is a certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt and a Lean Manufacturing Specialist. He is recognized worldwide as an authority in six sigma deployment and frequently serves as the Chairperson of Worldwide Six-Sigma conferences in Singapore, India, USA, and other areas of the world. Some of the companies that have benefitted from his expertise are Deutsche Bank, Saudi Aramco, Johnson & Johnson, Coca Cola Bottling Company, Convergys, Alibaba Global Trade, and Dow Chemical.

    Registration for the course is now open. Get a 10% discount with the Early Bird Rate. Promo ends on 17 February 2016. Get an additional 10% discount if you attend as a group of 3 or more delegates from the same organisation. For brochures and enquiries, contact Salvo Global at marketing@salvoglobal.com.



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