• Certification course on Talent Management to bring better strategies to face talent shortage

    27 June 2016

    Salvo Global will have new scheduled runs for the Certified Talent Economist Program in the Southeast Asian and South African region. The certification course will run on the following dates and locations:

    • 15-17 August 2016 in Singapore
    • 14-16 September 2016 in Windhoek, Namibia
    • 19-21 October 2016 in Cape Town, South Africa

    (VIEW: Certified Talent Economist Event Page)

    Companies are experiencing difficulties in hiring employees that fit the bill. The skills gap can be felt by many industries with Finance, Tech, Managerial, and Engineering positions suffering the most. This has been one of the major issues Human Resources around the globe have been dealing with since last year. To top that off, today’s talent have developed a new mind-set when it comes to work. 20th century management practices are proving increasingly ineffective with 21st century employees. With these challenges ahead, what companies need right now is to come up with strategies that can lessen the impact of the global talent shortage.

    With this in mind, Salvo’s certification program is based and titled on the highly regarded book, Talent Economics. The book has been racing up the sales charts and is being universally acclaimed as a “game changer” on talent management and strategy. Designed as a simple and practical application of economic frameworks to talent management, the course aims to innovate how to deal with talent management altogether. The course will help in identifying and resolving the most pressing talent investments that may be hindering organizations from building an outstanding talent culture. Unlike any other course, the Certified Talent Economist Program will consist of four phases in which delegates, along with the trainer, will modify their talent management strategies according to their HR needs.

    (REQUEST: Certified Talent Economist Program Brochure)

    Professionals recommended to attend the certification course – but not limited to – are those who have direct client contact and have senior positions that may influence strategy. This includes senior HR roles such as Business Partners; Heads of Talent Management, L&D, Resourcing, Rewards, HR services; Senior Managers in business, strategy, functional or general management; Independent Consultants in the area of HR, strategy, and leadership development; Academics in the strategy or HR disciplines; and Policy Makers in government bodies who work on the nation’s talent agenda.

    Gyan Nagpal, award winning talent strategist and commentator, will be leading the course. Over the last decade, he has helped some of the world’s largest and most ambitious organisations build significant business franchises across the Asia Pacific region. Companies that sought his consultation include Aviva, Novartis Alcon, Deutsche Bank, SingHealth, Santander, UBS, and the Securities Commission of Malaysia. Gyan is currently the CEO and Principal of PeopleLENS Global Associates wherein he trains and coaches business leaders on talent management. He is also a Senior Fellow for Human Capital at the Conference Board and a member of the NTL Institute.

    Registration for the course is now open. For more details on the event, visit the event’s website. For enquiries, contact Salvo Global at marketing@salvoglobal.com.

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  • Leadership development – key focus of Salvo’s upcoming masterclass

    16 March 2016

    A masterclass entitled Transformational Leadership and Change Management organized by Salvo Global will be held on 30 November – 2 December 2016 in Cape Town, South Africa. The course is marketed towards managers and senior-level executives aspiring to become transformational leaders and change managers.

    The business landscape is constantly changing to a more complex and unpredictable setting. Business leaders today need to match and adapt to the change and develop abilities that can engage the new workforce. The current situation however, shows that this is not the case. According to the report Center for Creative Leadership made in 2014, leaders are no longer developing fast enough or in the right ways to match the new environment, making leadership development a continuing top pressing business issue globally.

    The masterclass will enlighten delegates as to why transformational leadership and change management are essential to managers and workers today. Through heavy discussion and case study analysis, they will be able to review models of change management and examine when and how they are used, describe the characteristics/skills associated with transformational leadership and change management, and learn categories of change, change management, and transformational leadership and when each is appropriate to use.

    (REQUEST: Transformational Leadership and Change Management Masterclass Brochure)

    The international trainer invited for the course is one of the three most recognizable names in the field of Human Resources by a market study. He is a published author of more than 300 books and articles such as “Workplace Learning & Performance Roles: The Manager and The Change Leader”, “The Strategic Development of Talent”, and the famous “Effective Succession Planning – 3rd Edition”. He provided consultation for more than 50 multinational companies which include, Ford Motor Company, Sony, Singapore Tourism Board and Ministry of Finance, Anglo Platinum, Hewlett-Packard University, Citygroup, and many more.

    The course is designed for line managers, middle management, senior-level executives, and those that wish to attract, develop, or retain transformational leaders. Team Leaders, Superintendents, Managers, Senior Managers, Vice Presidents, Directors, General Managers, Chief Department Heads, Chief Executives, and other related job roles are recommended to join. Departments targeted for the course are Human Resources, Change Management, Leadership, Strategic Planning, Corporate Planning, Operations, Sales, Marketing, Procurement, Business Development, and more.

    Registration for the course is now open. Avail of the Early Bird Discount if you book and pay before 29 August 2016. You may download brochures for the event here and for other enquiries, you may contact us at marketing@salvoglobal.com.

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  • Bestseller certification course to take place in Malaysia, Nigeria, South Africa, and UAE

    1 December 2015

    Salvo Global’s bestseller course, The Certified Talent Economist Program, is coming back early this 2016 in four different countries on the following dates:

    • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 22nd to 24th February 2016
    • Lagos, Nigeria on 6th to 8th April 2016
    • Johannesburg, South Africa on 11th to 13th April 2016
    • Dubai, UAE on 3rd to 5th May 2016
    • Singapore on 23rd to 25th May 2016

    (FOR MORE INFO: Certified Talent Economist Webpage)

    An alarming trend has been going around in the working population that is affecting organizations around the world. According to Manpower Group’s Talent Shortage Survey, 38% of employers are having difficulty filling jobs in 2015 – a two percent rise from the previous year. The biggest factor is the lack of available applicant (or no applicants at all), next to other factors such as lack of technical competencies, lack of experience, lack of workplace experience, and looking for more pay than is offered. The consistent decline in the working population has forced organizations to select from a shrinking talent pool. On top of that, retention is also becoming a problem for the department of Human Resources.

    Based on an effective mix of concept, discussion, analysis, and skills practice, the Certified Talent Economist aims to help organizations create a stronger strategic orientation to the boardroom and build a bridge between the changing needs of global business and an increasingly fluid labor force.

    (REGISTRATION FORM: Certified Talent Economist)

    Participants can expect a noticeable impact in their organization after the masterclass with its foolproof module consisting of the pre-program, workshop phase, application, and capstone and certification components.

    Recommended professionals to attend the course are senior managers in business, strategy, functional or general management with interests in HR and talent management; senior HR roles such as Business Partners, Heads of Talent Management, L&D, Resourcing, Rewards, and HR services; independent consultants in the area of HR, strategy, and leadership development; academics in the strategy or HR disciplines; and policymakers in government bodies who work on the nation’s talent agenda.

    Leading the masterclass is an award-winning talent strategist and commentator, who is deeply invested in researching ongoing changes to the global talent pool. Over the last decade, he has helped some of the world’s largest and most ambitious organizations build significant franchises across the Asia pacific Region. Some of the companies he has helped consulted for include Aviva, Novartis Alcon, Grupokaybee, UBS, Santander, Deutsche Bank, Six Senses, and Securities Commission of Malaysia. Assisting him during the program will be co-facilitators and industry experts.

    Registration for the course is now open. Save up to $300 with the Group Fee special rate if 3 or more delegates from the same company register. For more details on the event, visit the event’s webpage. For enquiries, contact Salvo Global at marketing@salvoglobal.com.

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  • 9th annual Global Learning Summit to take place in SIngapore

    11 November 2015


    On its 9th year, the Global Learning Summit, Salvo Global’s flagship event, is back to enlighten today’s corporate professionals with the latest business trends and practices which will be held on the 7th to 9th of March 2016 in Singapore.

    The need to invest in corporate learning and development has never been higher. With the cutthroat competition from companies globally and unavoidable risks and changes in the market, progress in business is becoming more challenging each day. One of the most significant factors that affect progress is human capital.

    According to the 2015 Global Human Capital Trends report published by Deloitte, the importance of learning has increased three-times fold over the previous year, making a whopping leap from 9% to 28%. Furthermore, it is said that HR organisations and HR skills are not up to par to the business demands, making developing human resources (HR) an alarming issue. With these in mind, the Global Learning Summit aims to discuss the latest industry trends and practices that can help organisations in their business endeavors.

    This year, the event focuses on optimizing learning return of investment, developing and managing leaders and talents across generations for sustainable growth, improving learning management systems, and building sustainable leaning cultures.

    (GET: Global Learning Summit 2016 Brochure)

    All Human Resources, Talent, Learning and Development professionals from C-level officers to vice presidents, directors, and managers from all kinds of industries are all highly encouraged and expected to participate in this year’s Global Learning Summit.

    With a talented pool of HR experts from all industries tasked to discuss today’s impending issues on learning, delegates will surely be able to relate and gain new knowledge which they can integrate into their organisations. Expect this year’s set of presenters to be coming from well-known and successful companies such as Facebook, Canon, Maybank, and Shell. Some of the keynote speakers included in the roster are David Vance, Executive Director of Center for Talent Reporting USA and Founder of Caterpillar University; Betty Lau, the Global Learning Director of Unilever;William Chin, the APAC Staffing Director of Qualcomm; and Gaurav Sharma, HR Director of Coca-Cola.

    Officials from the government of Singapore are also going to take part in the discussion. Ng Ying Yuan, Director of HR & Organisational Development of the Economic Development Board of Singapore, and Lau Ying Cheng, HR Head of the Infocommunications Development Authority of Singapore will be presenting in the summit.

    Registration for the course is now open. Details on how to register for the course is available on the Global Learning Summit 2016 webpage. For enquiries and requests for brochures, contact Salvo Global at marketing@salvoglobal.com.


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