5 essential skills successful project managers possess

13 January 2016

A project’s success relies on interrelated factors that coincide with its schedule, scope, and resources. A clear understanding of the project goals, an effective communication source, and an enjoyable work atmosphere – these are just some of what determines the success rate of a project and all these depend on the guidance of the project manager.

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A lot of pressure is put on a project manager, or anyone tasked to oversee projects, especially multimillion dollar ones. It is part of the job to deal with many issues and risks considering how great the investments clients pour into it. Just as every project is unique, so are project managers. Each one has their distinct approach which determines a project’s end result. While they may be a diverse bunch, top project managers share skills that make them what they are – competent and —. So, what makes a good project manager?

They can communicate effectively.

Communication is crucial in managing projects because most of a project manager’s time is spent communicating to clients, worker, suppliers, and other involved parties. In whatever means – be it e-mails, reports, meetings – they are able to convey ideas and issues that needs to be addressed effectively.

Tip: People respond well to when they can be comfortable around you.Start by observing how individuals interact with one another. You can use your observations to know how you can approach them.

They know how to lead.

Most project managers have great technical knowledge and skill, but lack the also necessary leadership skills. A good project manager knows how to balance both. They are able to provide direction and motivate the people at the same time.

Tip: Delegate tasks to team members to make them feel authorized. Engaging them without interfering helps them come up with more initiate skills.

They can budget well.

Good project managers can finish the whole project within the budget. For this to happen, they track their own expenses and budget, keeping the members on the loop.

Tip: Be thorough in managing your project scope. Create change orders to cover cost of extra work.

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They are always one or two steps ahead.

They like to anticipate scenarios that may put the project at risk and think of ways to fight against it. Forecasting budget has also been a routine, preventing the budget get out of hand.

Tip: Stay proactive by making forecasting a habit. Whether it’s forecasting budget, resource usage, or issues that may arise, do it regularly. Prevention is always better than cure.

They are empathetic.

When project managers are empathetic, they are able to understand the needs of the project, clients, and team members. They recognize the issues and risks involved as well.

Tip: Listen attentively. This includes not only what is being said and its tone, but also picking up body language and what he’s feeling.

Having a competent project manager does not make work easier, but it still makes a difference. In his command, he can guide his workers clearly to the path the project will take and build confidence in his clients that the project will be successful.


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